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How Does RoboGarden Teach JavaScript?

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Writing too many lines of programming code may result in bugs due to the sheer volume of code. It's better to write fewer code statements. Sometimes we must write several lines of code to accomplish a specific function, but at the same time we want to memory to increase browsing speeds and user satisfaction. How a programmer can do that? With JavaScript commands and libraries, it's an easy task.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language that derives many of its commands from the C language. JavaScript can work on almost all existing web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, allowing you to apply important web design principles across many platforms. It is also used in coding games and desktop applications.

JavaScript Benefits

JavaScript plays an important role in increasing browsing speeds and user satisfaction. Its uses also include the creation of games, graphics, browser control, and some frameworks like node.js that have expanded JavaScript to run on the server side rather than on the client side.

RoboGarden and JavaScript:

RoboGarden understands that the world is becoming digital, so it encourages learning about the modern culture. Accordingly, our approach has been prepared to teach JavaScript programming to kids or anyone who wants to learn through effective learning methods. The teaching takes place across four amazing journeys that gradually increases in difficulty.

RoboGarden’s JS Journeys

  1. Discover JavaScript
  2. The easiest journey, Discover JavaScript is designed for grade six and above. In this journey, the player learns the syntax of JavaScript loops, conditions, and math operations by comparing the JavaScript commands to their equivalent in Blockly blocks.

  3. Introduction to JavaScript
  4. This journey, is your chance to remember what you learned in the previous journey. Designed especially for grade seven and above, the journey encourages players to write their first lines in JavaScript. They will learn variables, expressions, if else statements, and simple loops. It’s an enjoyable way to learn scripting without the need to set up complex environment.

  5. Master JavaScript
  6. The player should now be ready for extreme missions that are more difficult. This journey is designed for grade 8 and above, but upon completion of the previous journeys nothing should be difficult because players will be prepared to write complex blocks of code in JavaScript. In this journey, students will learn to easily use arrays and functions in JS.

  7. Professional JavaScript Programming
  8. Finally, players in grades nine and above will build a whole application with complex functionality in JavaScript. In addition to writing a full application with the help of illustrative screenshots that provide step-by-step descriptions of the environment and requirements, students will use this journey to become familiar with code version control systems like Git.

This is just the beginning of what the RoboGarden educational platform offers. We seek to teach kids to code in JS through fun coding games. We are working hard to produce more journeys that will encourage an expertise of the JS programming world. With RoboGarden, everyone will learn how to make the best of JavaScript’s amazing features. Join us and wait for the newest JavaScript Journeys.

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