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How can robotics teach kids to code?


What’s your dream job? It’s the most popular question we ask kids. Their most common answers include careers like doctor, teacher, engineer, and policeman.Maybe it’s time we added another job to this list. What do you think about programmer? I think it's a perfect job that can be learned through free online coding games and coding puzzles that inspire all kids.

In today’s world, it’s easy for a kid’s attention to be consumed with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We can take advantage of the fixation on technology to introduce fun coding games, programming challenges, and various educational applications. We can't ignore that kids can use technology better than many of their parents, so let’s harness the time they’re spending to help them learn programming. That’s RoboGarden’s main mission.

A coding curriculum can refer to specific concepts and languages. These may be difficult for kids to learn through conventional teaching methods, but it’s fun and easy when those concepts are taught through concrete interactions using robotics.

Unlike most programming languages like Python or Java, robots do not require kids to learn ambiguous concepts or to write long lines of code. Instead, they are more simplistic and effective. They help kids learn in an enjoyable way while playing coding games or completing coding puzzles.

Robotics can teach kids to code by using the RoboFellow application, which allows children to simply enter commands and run the code. Kids can see the results of their instructions right away as the robot in front of them follows the code. Kids can control EV3 and WEDO robots.

RoboGarden relies on coding games that use Scratch, JavaScript, and Python to incorporate both entertainment and programming challenges. Kids will practice coding and improve their skills at writing algorithm solutions. They will achieve this through playing and by interacting with the code directly after implementing it via robotics. This gamified learning is sure to inspire them.

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