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The Latest Trends in Coding, Technology, and Education

A variety of blog posts presesnted by the RoboGarden Blog to keep you up to date with the EdTech advances and trends.

Four Uses of AI in Education


The invention of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed every walk of life. A wide ranging tool that enables us to rethink...

Artificial Intelligence
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How computer understands...


Can we teach a computer a specific programming language? This is a work in progress, but there is not yet a clear way of teaching...

Importance of coding education
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Movies and the Near Future


Have you seen at least one of those movies: Avengers based on Marvel, Interstellar, Her, the Matrix? If the answer is yes, let...

Code movements
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Teach and practice...


When choosing a platform on which to learn programming, even if you already have some experience, the choice of platform is...

Importance of coding education
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Simple games to boost your...


Education enthusiasts everywhere are saying that there is no minimum age to teach your kid programming. We will go over some ways...

Importance of coding education
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Why School is Not Enough


Many parents highly anticipate the day their child will be enrolled in school, at whatever level. Many try to find the right...

Importance of coding education
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