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The Latest Trends in Coding, Technology, and Education

A variety of blog posts presesnted by the RoboGarden Blog to keep you up to date with the EdTech advances and trends.

Simple games to boost your...


Education enthusiasts everywhere are saying that there is no minimum age to teach your kid programming. We will go over some ways...

Importance of coding education
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Why School is Not Enough


Many parents highly anticipate the day their child will be enrolled in school, at whatever level. Many try to find the right...

Importance of coding education
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Computer Science as a Core...


As computers continue to become indispensable from our everyday lives, there is an increased need for computer science education....

Importance of coding education
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The world celebrates the 30th...


For three decades, we have lived in a space that has allowed us an instant connection to institutions, individuals, and ideas...

Code movements
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How to think like a...


The world of programming is large and growing with each new game, website, and program. Programming is everywhere around us, from...

Mental skills
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The Best Programmers in the...


Coding is not an easy task. It is difficult to be a regular programmer, but if you work towards reaching your goals you will...

Top Programmer
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