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Why School is Not Enough

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Many parents highly anticipate the day their child will be enrolled in school, at whatever level. Many try to find the right school, researching the subjects taught, the feedback of other parents, and the pedagogical approach of the school, anything that can help them make their decision.

In this process, it is very rare to find a school that is not orthodox in its pedagogical style. Most offer the same subjects, maybe in different versions, but classes are almost always taught in the same teaching style––instructional lessons followed by activity/practice sessions, concluded by exams.

If the pedagogical style remains the same even if the curriculum differs, what exactly are the parents looking for when they’re hoping to find the “right” school for their child?

“Alternative” subjects and ways of teaching

It has been found that most parents search for alternative subjects and ways of teaching when looking to enroll their child in a school. For example, they think that the school curriculum should contain a lot of practical subjects that contain engineering and computer science practices or they look for alternative ways of teaching biology, chemistry, and physics. Parents want to see that lessons don’t just come down to words on a board, some slides on a projector, and an experiment or two in the school lab.

They want to see that the subjects connect to their children’s life experience and are learned using real life cases.

Parents may not actually care if those subjects contain theoretical concepts that their children may never use again. The important thing is hands on experience with taught concepts and activities that enhance logical and reasoning skills.

STEM education

It is well known that engineering and programming subjects can enhance critical thinking, alternative thinking, and problem solving skills. These skills are transferable and can be applied to any problem, be it a technical problem or a real life one. Including hands-on STEM-based skills in school-based curricula means giving your children the chance to learn unforgettable skills that will serve them throughout their life.

Be the change!

Some schools have understood this and are offering programming skills as afterschool activities. At RoboGarden, we understand that is not enough. We believe programming skills should be core subjects at each and every school.

Register for RoboGarden today and start your kid’s programming and STEM adventure.

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