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Why Python is the best language you can learn

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No one will argue that programming takes center stage our lives. Many applications may make us wonder how they were made or the steps that led to their creation. As life becomes more digitized, there is an increasing need for programmers. Even if you can program in one language, even that soon may not be enough.

Where should you start?

It is important to know which languages you should learn about. You want to know languages that will allow you to work on the most applications. The answer to this problem depends on what applications you want to work on and in what scope you intend to use them. Are you interested in mobile applications, web applications, or desktop applications? Do you want to learn about system programming? As your knowledge of programming grows, you will learn that some of these desires have overlapping languages. In fact, you may only need to learn one or two languages to open the door to work with almost any application.

Why Python?

Due to its increasing popularity, widespread support, growing community, and a wide range of applications, Python is a great language to start with. Even better, it was designed to be one of the easiest languages you will ever learn. Python has a natural language syntax with no semicolons at the ends of lines to trip you up like with other languages. It is possible to grasp the fundamentals of Python and write your first app in just a day or two. If you like it, you may want to go on to the advanced level.

The Applications

Python can be used to make desktop applications, web applications, visualizations, and much more. You can even write a Python script that will play a game for you. As the game gets harder, you will need to implement algorithms that will make things more complicated, but you got the point. Python’s applications have no limits.

You might wonder what will happen if a new application or a platform is developed that won’t work with Python. Since there are no limitations to the Python language, new packages can be developed to accommodate new applications. For example, if a member of the Python community develops a new package for graphs and visualizations, then that new package is available to everyone who needs this functionality. In other words, new areas of need will have new Python packages developed for them. As the community of Python programmers grows, so, too, does the pool of Python packages and applications.

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