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Why kids love RoboGarden

Kids are happy with Robo Garden

Importance of Playing

Playing is very important for a child's growth and enhances skills like exploration, facing challenges, and searching. Mixing quality educational content with gamified learning is an important step towards fostering a child’s passion for learning how to achieve goals.

Each game provides a good environment for stimulation and discipline. Games teach kids self-reliance, how to develop business strategies, preparedness for verbalizing their strategies, and how to be ready to compete.

Kids’ Interests

Kids today excel at using technology. This also means they may waste time playing on mobile phones, laptops, and iPads. Games tend to have fun features like robots, music, bright colors, sweets, and captivating scenes that take a child’s entire attention.

RoboGarden Fights Monotony In Learning

RoboGarden enhances a kid's passion for coding by helping them learn educational content through gamified journeys. Academic curriculums are taught to kids as they play games. They learn lots of necessary information as they solve problems and take on challenges.

Enjoying themselves while learning will increase a child’s enthusiasm and their desire to learn. Traditional methods only impose boredom and rote learning. Which one would you choose for your child?

The Magic of RoboGarden

RoboGarden has solved a difficult problem by making education fun with the latest educational methods. Kids are attracted to the fun challenges and will learn by playing thanks to the following educational benefits:

  1. Most kids adore playing with robots, so you'll find Robo, your child’s robot friend, waiting for them at RoboGarden. Robo will help your child collect treasures and solve missions.
  2. RoboGarden features 13 fun, gamified journeys that are divided into Blockly and Textual programming.
  3. Kids can enjoy playing wonderful activities like “Candy Shop” and “Tasty But Healthy.”
  4. RoboGarden has launched various apps like “RoboFellow Playground” on both iOS and Android. Our latest app is Guru on Android.
  5. The Hour of Code initiative has prompted RoboGarden to develop a wonderful challenge that follows a STEAM curriculum in the same style of RoboGarden activities.
  6. Journeys and activities are full of colorful assets like donuts, cupcakes, lollipops, balloons, and more.
  7. The scene changes based on the journey’s theme. There are lots to choose from, including a birthday party, the moon, a snowman, a golden world, and a volcano.
  8. While kids are playing, they can listen to beautiful music in the background for more fun.

RoboGarden doesn’t just teach coding. It also promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is not a platform, but a wonderful world for your kid. Register now for free.

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