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What Should Families Do at Home during COVID-19 Self-Quarantine?

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It feels like the whole world has shut down; countries are closing their boundaries, airplanes are no longer making their ways through the clouds, and most important of all, people are asked to stay at home in order to protect themselves and those around them. People are asked to do self-quarantine at home even if they are not yet infected, they are asked to leave their work and schools and turn to working from home and homeschooling, for some it might be a lot boring, but it is still better if it is going to save one life in return.

This time it’s not just about coding, but it is about the different home activities that families could do together to help pass this time until life comes back to normal again. We have different suggestions, things you might be already doing but without one important factor, which is sharing.

Different Activities to Pass the Time of Quarantine

Even if you don’t have the right tools and materials, you could still come up with different fun activities to do with your kids while you are staying at home. We have some suggestions for you which you could try, or at least they might spark a new idea which you could definitely come up with yourself.

  1. Take Your Kids to the Kitchen

  2. Don’t all kids love when they play with slime and start their experiments? This is a good excuse to take them to the kitchen and start baking together, they will get excited! Even though cooking is sometimes an interesting activity for the kids, they love when they help even with the least they could do, it becomes totally different when it comes to baking, starting from creating the dough and ending with seeing the results coming out of the oven.

  3. Read Together

  4. We have to remember that staying at home should still be productive and effective for us all; we as adults should be working to try and save our economy, and the kids should keep learning. Reading is one good activity that you could do with your kids, you could plan for a specific time and during that time you all sit, have something to drink, and just relax while reading. Reading is good for the kids, it gives their mind the chance to think, wander, and use their imagination along the way.

  5. Do Some DIY Crafts

  6. We know that you have work too, but when it’s the time to play with your kids, you should make it as creative and interesting as possible. There are lots of those specialized in DIY crafts with their channels and pages all over the internet, you could choose one craft every day to do with your child.

  7. Repair Something That Have Been Broken

  8. We all have something that has been broken for almost ages at home without collecting our power and energy to repair it, but now it’s the right time. Little boys love when they imitate their fathers while they are repairing things and start using their tools as well, so now at least you have someone to help you out.

  9. Put One Puzzle Together

  10. Adult puzzles are harder than those for kids, they might even take days for the picture to be completed, but when it comes to playing along with your kids, choosing the easier ones for their age is a good solution. Puzzles are good to give kids the chance to use their minds and think, which will be fostering their creativity and problem solving skills in the future, so don’t underestimate the power of puzzles during coronavirus quarantine.

  11. Learn a New Skill, or Teach Your Kids One

  12. We are now facing a pandemic, which by all means is not an easy time, but we should also avoid panicking in order to keep going or at least give our bodies the chance to fight the virus. Looking at the bright side, we have to say that this quarantine gave people the chance to have some time doing all the things they have been procrastinating to do, such as learning a new skill or even teaching their kids one. Skills could be anything from learning to play on a new instrument to gardening, just choose one that would be interesting for at least two members in the house so that they could share their time together.

  13. Stick to Your Daily Workout
  14. You are now stuck at home and it’s true, you don’t have to come up with excuses for not going for your daily walk or joining your daily gym classes, but the good news is that exercises could be done at home too, even if you don’t have the tools, you could still substitute them. There is one important thing that parents should pay attention to, kids are used to being energetic and active all day and part of this energy was used in school, but now with no schools and no going out at all, kids should be part of your workout too. You could search for simple workouts that children could join and dedicate half an hour to exercising at home every day.

  15. Practice Simple Exercises with the Kids

  16. There are lots of different things or skills which kids are not so good at, so it’s the right time to practice them. There are those who love coloring but are not yet good at keeping themselves within the lines, those who know how to use scissors but are not experts in cutting correctly, and lots of other simple exercises which parents could now practice with their kids at home to pass the time they are stuck inside, yet at the same time come out of the quarantine with new added skills.

Making the time at home useful during this hard time is very important, parents will be homeschooling their kids and depending on online learning, so in addition to the online classes they will be taking with their teachers, parents should also be creative enough to come up with different activities and exercises which they could all do together in order to free their minds from thinking about the virus and at the same time ease the time spent at home.

There are lots of other activities that include playing with Lego pieces and making different shapes, playing with playdough, watching new informative movies, and lots of other things. Parents could also teach their kids coding through our easy and fun game-based coding platform, sign up and start playing.

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