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What is the hype about STEM education

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We all want the best for our children. We imagine them growing up to be engineers, artists, doctors, and world leaders. Those dreams can’t come true without proper planning and serious steps towards the goal.

A new era

There has been a recent shift in the education system. This shift has paved the way for many more hands-on activities and a lot less learning through simple reading. Hands-on activities mean that your kid will have the opportunity to try new things and either get them right or wrong. Either way, they will learn through trial and error, so they will be correct in the future when they use these skills. This replaces reading about other peoples’ experiments and experiences in books. Reading isn’t necessarily being dropped from education, but there has been more consideration given to an active learning approach.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Most of the jobs that you dream of for your kids basically depend on those subjects. STEAM is a variant of STEM which consists of the same components as STEM but includes an added A for Arts. Arts can include writing, painting, crafts, and other applications involving creative expression. STEAM was originally developed in response to the STEM movement to incorporate an element of creativity into the science-heavy focus.

How can we benefit?

It’s no wonder that there’s so much hype around STEAM. STEAM provides the educational basis for the jobs of today and the jobs of the future. The addition of arts reinforces the learning process. Think of working on a research project and then reaching the stage where you must share your new knowledge. The representation of your findings defines your work. Putting your results into a graph or an interactive visualization helps to deliver the information. Determining the best display to share your results is art! You will find many such connections between arts and science. The two subjects are intertwined in their relationship with one another.

If you took a closer look to RoboGarden’s journeys, you will see that they are built to align with STEAM concepts. Our journeys talk about space and astronauts, while others talk about mathematical equations. Still others let you control your robot. Arts are incorporated, too, as you enjoy the ability to manipulate the environment’s colors and enjoy the fun themes for each journey.

Excited about STEAM education? take Check out RoboGarden’s programs and see how you can join in on the fun.




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