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Web Programming

image shows that websites and applications make coding available to all.

Programming of Internet sites is no longer dedicated to just computer engineers and those in the software and information technology fields. Today, programming has become accessible to everyone. Websites and applications make coding available to all, including people who do not have any technical or programming backgrounds.

Requirements for Website Programming

The site’s basic premise or idea, the design, the programming language, and any programming that must take place are all important steps in building a website. Most websites cannot be built without programming. The programmer should start by gathering the necessary information about the site that they will program, including the layout, the site’s function, the content it will host and how that content will be published, and more.

The programmer must know whether the site will be an e-store or if it will be dedicated to publishing text-based articles, as those two types of sites require very different approaches. This information is necessary, as it allows the programmer to identify the principles that will work best for the specific type of site they are creating.

The design is the prototype that the programmer can use to begin work. This can be started by typing the source code for the location of any site’s software form. Design is mostly created by a graphic designer who is responsible for creating a site layout that meshes with what the site owner wants. It can be created using different design programs like Photoshop. It can potentially be done by the programmer if they have sufficient experience dealing with designs.

The language is the most important part of programming the site. Sometimes, it is necessary to deal with several programming languages during the site’s creation. Commonly-used programming languages include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. These are the programming languages that are commonly used in the programming of websites.

It is not necessary to use all of these languages when programming every site, but it is not uncommon to use at least two or three languages based on the site’s requirements. Each language is used to program a specific part of the site. There is also the possibility that other languages that are not listed in this article may be required.

The difference between web programming and computer programming

Web programming is concerned with webpages, which are sites and scripts that are displayed with a web browser. For example, a web programmer cannot program a computer application since their knowledge is specialized towards programming web pages.

Instead, a web programmer is an expert at building websites and linking them to databases and other programming operations. Computer programming is related to the operating system and to software.

A web programmer must be familiar with some of the web programming languages that are available. They must also be able to select the appropriate language for a specific application or program.

Most-used web programming languages

There are many languages for web programming, including: PHP, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and XML.


PHP is an open programming language, which means that the language and its code are available to everyone free of charge. It is an integral part of the HTML, which is discussed next.


HTML is used in the design of web pages. It is one of the oldest programming languages used in the design of web pages, yet it remains the most widely-used.


SQL is a specialized language that is used for database management and the identification of relationships between data.

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