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The Purpose of JavaScript

image showing the purpose of javaScript language

The purpose

JavaScript was built for an important purpose: computers were once very slow in executing web developers’ visions for. This lead to the idea of a programming language that is executed on users’ computers when they access a webpage. Anything that has been designed and implemented on web pages running that language would no longer add to the load on hosting servers; instead, it would be a client-side language. Web pages would become more responsive and less expensive.

Does the problem still exist?

So, what about now? Today’s computers are faster and bandwidth is cheaper. The reasons behind the initial problem have been resolved, but JavaScript continues to save a lot of unnecessary data exchange between the client and servers. Executing code on the local machine gives web applications more responsiveness and a better overall experience.

The capabilities

What can JavaScript do? It can help you create highly responsive user interfaces which provide tons of functionality, all without the need to consider the server’s capabilities. JavaScript can fix browser problems or CSS issues. Developers are constantly building more complex applications with JavaScript. Best of all, JavaScript is supported by all browsers and supported by all standards.

As varied as the applications may be, the language itself has a very easy syntax and is easy to implement. All you need to do is put your code in an HTML document and let the browser know which part is JavaScript. It works on all computers, even if they are offline. JavaScript lets you add animations to web pages, which can help you attract the viewer’s attention and increase engagement or make your interface easier to use.

Think of JavaScript as a way to transform web pages from traditional static pages to dynamic ones, Bear in mind, however, that JavaScript must be installed on a client’s computer before they can view the interactive content.

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Introduction to JavaScript



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