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The Future of Working-from-Home and the Best Suitable Jobs for it

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Working from home is not new to the world, it has actually been implemented since a long period of time, but it usually depends on the person’s type of job. Ever since coronavirus went viral, all those who could do their jobs from home, stayed safe there, and a lot of international companies proved their success and are even considering the idea of working from home to be their future. Tech-related jobs proved to be the ones who could totally work from home for the rest of their lives, and these jobs are also believed to take over and thus gaining the needed skills for them is considered now a must.

Did Coronavirus Affect Working from Home?

Did you know that about 98% of the employees who work-from would like to work remotely for the rest of their careers? That’s according to the World Economic Forum, which also believes that in addition to the pros that come along with working from home, there are some cons to be considered.

When coronavirus was first announced a pandemic, a lot of companies started taking their precautions and started to switch to the working-from-home option to make sure that their employees are staying safe. Even though a lot of companies were expecting the option of employees working from home to come later, coronavirus brought this choice faster than expected. Even though the U.S. Census Bureau mentioned that one-third of the U.S. workforce and half of the “information workers” are able to work from home, there are still those who have to go to their workplace, such as servers who have to meet and greet us in the restaurants.

The questions asked now is whether the appearance of this pandemic affected the work from home style that many companies are considering, and we have to say that it did, even though most of the employees had to work from home without being the ones taking the choice. Actually remote working managed to give companies the chance to know how effective working from home is for them and which jobs could perfectly handle everything remotely or else have to be present in the office.

Still in a lot of countries, working from home is not common, even though some companies started to offer flexible work arrangements, there are even some countries like China that experienced the work-from-home option for the first time when coronavirus went viral. This helped in giving countries and companies the chance to try and allow their employees to work from home and measure their productivity, or else give those who their tasks only depend on an internet connection and a telephone line the chance to do their work from their homes.

In addition to the effects carried on the business level, there are other effects that working from home managed to bring to the environment, since pollution in the skies were reduced due to the strict rules that were placed on air travel, as well as banning people from going out for a long time and thus reducing the use of cars and any other transportation services.

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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Everything in this world comes with its benefits and side effects, even if the benefits outweigh those side effects, people should always consider the decisions they are going to take. When it comes to remote work, some companies refused to provide this flexibility for their employees because they experienced more side effects, whereas there are those who are now considering making some employees work from home permanently due to the success they have seen.

The 98% of employees who wanted to work from home for their future career when asked about the reason were divided into groups, with the highest percentage of them enjoying the flexible schedule the most, while others preferred the ability to work from any location, spending more time with their families, working from home, no commute, as well as other reasons.

Among the other important benefits related to working from home, researchers found that:

  • About 13% of the employees proved to be more productive when they are working remotely from their homes, which goes back to the less distraction they might be dealing with.
  • Reducing stress for those employees who failed to manage their personal and work life at the same time. Employees working from home could manage their time to be divided between their work and their personal life responsibilities. This did not only reduce stress for employees, but also helped them to become more committed to their workplaces and lowered the percentage of turnover.
  • Working from home was also believed to give employees the chance to show their talents on a greater level.
  • When an employee works remotely, he/she is making it easier to balance between work and personal life.

In addition to these different pros that might work for some and fail with others, there are also some cons or side effects which we should shed the lights on.

  • Some messages might be misunderstood through electronic communication and that is one of the things that might make the idea of working from home a little bit stressful.
  • Working remotely is described by some as “lonely” because they don’t meet their coworkers during breaks or lunch time, but instead they either have to do it all alone or take breaks with the family members at home. The reduction in interaction carries in return negative effects on the employees, which according to some researches done on more than 12,000 employees, those who worked more than 2.5 days from home per week become negatively affected when it comes to their relationships with their coworkers as well as the knowledge transfer.
  • Reaching out for help is 100 times easier at the office; you just head to the office of the person you need help from and you get it, but while at home, you should either send a message or call and wait for the answer.
  • For some people, it’s just hard for them to work and spend time at the same place; their home becomes the place where they do their work and at the same time it’s where they have to spend their free time.

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Best Jobs that Could Be Done from Home

If your job mainly depends on the internet or a telephone landline then it could definitely be done from home, of course if you have a stable internet connection, but there are still some other jobs which could be forever done from home. One of the top sectors believed to take a great part from the working-from-home world is the technology sector, and since it is believed that tech-related jobs are the future and every person should know about coding and programming in the future then it’s important to realize that some of the top job opportunities that might come to you in the future could let you work from home.

According to Bankrate, some of the top work-from-home jobs include:

  • Web Developer
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Software Developer
  • Website Tester

This means that learning more about web development and understanding what is machine learning and artificial intelligence is also important. RoboGarden is collaborating with Concordia University of Edmonton to bring online certified bootcamps, Full Stack Web Development and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, for those who want to develop their digital skills and get ready for the future digital economy. Register Here.

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