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Have you ever considered that your job is in jeopardy or that you are not safe at your current position because you can be displaced by a computer or software in the future? This isn’t just a future fear; this type of job outsourcing is an actual ongoing process that has already been in motion for several years. Computers today aren’t like what you see in the Terminator movies, but companies are looking for creative methods to reduce costs while still providing their services. Computer-operated services save money, time, and effort by replacing manpower with safe, secure, reliable, and insured labor.

Looking back a considerable number of years, there was a time that we had to go to the bank to deposit or withdraw money. We’re not talking about ATM machines that are commonplace now, but about phone banking services. Since then, banking has evolved dramatically. We have smart wallets on smart phones. Even money has become different in the form of digital cryptocurrency.

Looking at the progress that has been made in the way we move money, the writing is on the wall: banks will soon be automated. There will be no staff no customer service representatives and of course, no tellers. You may think that jobs like credit risk analysts who depending on banking can never be replaced since they assess risks and make critical decisions, but you would be wrong. AI-powered software is very promising in this field, too, feeding in years of clients’ credit and loans into neural networks that run the numbers to give very close and reliable predictions. Computers don’t make mistakes; they do what you tell them to do. Errors usually result from a defective sensor, incomplete data, or human intervention with the software.

Turn your thoughts next to the road, where cab drivers and commute companies have flourished over the past few years. It’s no secret that self-driving vehicles are already on the road. Even the commute companies are pivoting towards driverless vehicles. With the rise of complex sensors and easy availability of datasets, it is easier than ever to acquire data and use it to train AI. Say goodbye to taxi and bus drivers in the coming years as well.

Long lines in the supermarket will soon be a thing of the past. Grocery stores have already evolved to be telephone-only, and then again to online stores. The next logical step is for the stores to become automated. Browse at your leisure, put items in your cart where they are scanned and evaluated, then pay by credit card at the machine to check out. This is a reality with Amazon’s newest supermarket. As this technology spreads, inventory managers and tellers will be out of a job.

Have you noticed the increase in animated movies each year? They are often hits that are generally well-liked. Actors are evolving into animated characters, too, with only voice contribution from real actors. Even social media experts, a new job title used by people who make their living dealing with social media platforms, are being transformed into bots that manage pages, messages, ad frequencies, and hits. Everything is being handed over to bots.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing for these jobs and many others to transform into work that can be performed by a computer. Robots, bots, and intelligent machines are a boon that is, safe, reliable, and can work 24/7 non-stop. We don’t have to fear them, we just have to understand how they work. When you are the one creating the robots that will ultimately replace jobs, you never need to fear them. Even as some jobs are being replaced, new job titles are being created. Data scientists, machine learning engineers, big data developers, chat-bot developers, self-driving engineers, robotics engineers, and others are the new jobs that will require a good command of programming and math.

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