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Teach and practice programming through your phone

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When choosing a platform on which to learn programming, even if you already have some experience, the choice of platform is important. Programming is a field in constant development and evolution, and a platform should be designed to help you keep pace with all the new software developments.

This is why, today, there are many applications out there designed to help you learn programming in a responsive way using just your phone and Internet connection. Below are some of our favourites.


Solo Learn is a series of multiple applications where each language includes its own unique design. Languages include: javascript ,c++ ,php , java.

Solo Learn is simple and easy to use and guides you through how to write a simple program code, recognize errors, recognize the existence of competitions, and includes tests to get your help whenever there is any errors.

Compatible with Android devices and iOS.

Algorithms: Explained and Animated

Algorithms is a playful guide to learning, well… algorithms. It uses animations to illustrate algorithms in precise detail all the while simplifying them without sacrificing depth of knowledge. This easy to use and entertaining app includes exercises and tests in a delightful way.

Compatible with Android devices and iOS.


CodeHub is another app that allows you to learn programming. It is related to the web of A-Z, which includes programming languages such as: HTML5, CSS3. With CodeHub, you can skip beginners levels and move to any level you feel you need to deepen your knowledge.

Compatible with Android devices


Encode is the perfect application to learn programming on and id suitable for beginners. It includes short lessons that allow you to learn programming without any feelings of frustration and fear.

Compatible with Android devices and iOS

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper uses Pomodoro management technology to help you keep track of your programming education goals. It acts as an alarm that reminds you to maintain a level of productivity needed to get you to your goals!

Compatible with iOS

As you learn a new programming language on the RoboGarden platform, implement one of these applications to help support you along the way. Register now free.

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