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Sense the fun in the birthday party

In the second of RoboGarden’s birthday-themed journeys, Robo continues gets to sense the fun in the party and make new friends. Robo will attend another birthday party, but he is thinking smarter and planning better than ever before. This time, Robo will stay away the sugar-loaded sweets. Instead, he will count the calories in each type of food in front of him to help him and his friends maintain healthy diets.

Too much sugar is bad for Robo and his friends, so he decides to hide the sweets that are loaded with sugar and leave only the healthy treats for his friends to enjoy. While they help Robo encourage healthy life choices, students will learn good habits and healthy practices while decorating and playing like before. This time, students will also plan to help clean up after the party is over by marking where everything is. They will also learn how to eat well from the options they are given.

At the end of the party, students will see the clock ticking down. They will know what time they need to leave so they won’t be late arriving home. It’s important that they leave enough time after the party to clean up before going home!

This journey is full of math and programming challenges. While preparing for the birthday party, students will learn about repeat loops and about using sensors to detect colors and text. They will apply their newly-acquired skills to math puzzles as they move objects around and collect specific items.

During the journey, Robo encounters missions where he is required to calculate the calories in certain foods and sweets. He must then decide which sweets are okay to eat, and which are bad for his and his friends’ teeth and health. To achieve this, Robo will use RoboGarden’s addition triangle, which is a triangle devised by RoboGarden’s education experts to make addition and subtraction intuitive for students.

Students will learn how to count cells and use that knowledge to decide how far they will command Robo to move to reach his target. This journey requires the student to use the commands they learned in the previous journey while building more intricate code that requires an increased number of blocks. Since programs are longer and more intricate, students will also be faced with greater debugging challenges that will enhance their understanding of how to find and resolve coding errors.
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