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RoboGarden STEAM Angels - Rena Tabata

RoboGarden STEAM Angels - Rena Tabata

RoboGarden chose Rena Tabata as one of our STEAM Angels. Our angels represent women who have accomplished amazing advancements in science, technology, engineering, arts, or math. RoboGarden recognizes Rena as a great role model for children who hopes to pursue a STEM career. We’re here to share her story.

Share smart

Rena is currently leading a company called Think Tank Innovations. Their main product is a mobile application called ShareSmart, which allows doctors and workers in the medical industry to share patient information and photos while maintaining complete confidentiality and security.

The app allows medical professionals to monitor real-time patient progress and keeps track of updates for each case. Information can be shared with other medical professionals while the data remains confidential.

Early years

Rena has always been involved in the STEM community. In the past, she prepared STEM activities and went to schools to educate elementary, middle, and high school students. She says that her company has helped her grow and diversify. Rena works with innovative and bright minds from varying backgrounds.

She is in constant communication with doctors, engineers, legal consultants, and many other professionals. She feels that the power of STEM can lead new generations down innovative paths.

Great success

ShareSmart launched two years ago and has grown tremendously. Recently, ShareSmart was used to coordinate patient care for Canada’s first successful facial transplant surgery. The app is used by more than 25 thousand clinics and hospitals in 71 countries.

Wise words

Rena advises young girls to take interest in STEM because “you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment and positive impact.” Girls should pursue this field because innovation in STEM is most effective when the workforce is more diverse. She says that we need more girls and women in STEM because they provide different perspectives.

Learn more about Rena and ShareSmart.

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