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RoboGarden want your kids to be innovative

The average child asks about a hundred questions a day. Imagine how many questions are answered by the age 10, or the age of 15. You do the math!
Innovation is not usually a gift that comes naturally to children. Instead, innovation is reinforced and developed by good child rearing practices. Scientists have determined some factors that may contribute to shaping a child’s personality in the early stages of childhood and that can help raise their levels of innovation, meaning that this tendency can be nurtured and increased.

The first factor is that you should let children play more. Yes, play. The act of playing is not a waste of time, but rather a means of exercising imagination and practicing innovation. You can choose how your children play by giving them educational material. Edutainment programs are welcome and encouraged. You can watch children develop new and innovative ideas while they solve the game’s missions and have fun at the same time.

The second factor is to help raise a child’s curiosity. The more curious your child becomes, the more information they absorb to become knowledgeable in a short time. Curiosity keeps a child engaged and excited, kills boredom and ensures that your child will investigate until they reach their goals. Since you are responsible for the content your child consumes, it is important to ensure that you provide your kid with a complete overview of each new topic and plenty of opportunities to learn more.

A third important factor is passion. If your child doesn’t find passion in what they do, they will never continue with the activity. You can help your child become interested through a good introduction to a new activity. If they still are not interested in doing it, then you should not push it. Your child can always find their passion while doing something else. Unless an activity is embraced with passion, it will not be completed through the end. Children are only curious about the things they find exciting.

The final fact is the absence of fear. This is crucial, as all students fear failure. Fear is only reinforced by parents who stress about their children’s grades. Talk of college and scholarships can cause a child and their parents to forget that the point of education is to learn in a fun and interactive way that the child will remember as they grow up.

Children should develop the fail fast mentality, where they try and fail quickly. Once they have failed, a child can plan for success through another attempt. Trial and error will help them reach their goals. After learning that trying multiple times will eventually lead to success, children adopt a new way of thinking and of looking at problems.

RoboGarden provides all the previous ingredients in its programs, all of which are specially developed to include fun, gamified curriculums. Children get to play and have fun being curious and passionate about what they do. They will learn not to be afraid of failing since they have infinite number of trials to reach the right conclusion.
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