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Teacher Interface Part 2

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The RoboGarden school module series continues in this article. This is the second part of our series,Let’s take a tour.

Add Courses

The main teacher is the only one who can add a course using the Add Course button beside the classroom’s name. To do this, the teacher can click the Add Course button and answer the questions that appear, including:

  • Select journey
  • Enter course name
  • Course start date

Edit or Delete Courses

The main teacher is the only person who can edit or delete a course. Through this interface, they can:

  • Edit a course by clicking the edit icon beside the course’s name.
  • If there has been student progress, they can edit the name and end date of an adventure. They cannot edit an adventure’s start date once student progress has been made.
  • If no student progress has been made, they can delete the course using delete icon beside the course’s name.

View Single Classroom

View Single Classroom

The teacher can access the classroom page by clicking on any classroom. Here, the teacher can:

  • View all courses in this classroom including their start and end dates, search by course name, and change the number of courses per page.
  • View the names and scores of all students enrolled in the classroom.
  • Access all missions and model answers by clicking on the journey’s icon in the course card.

A pop-up will appear if there are no students in a classroom.

View Single Course

The teacher can access the course page by clicking on the course’s name. The course page consists of two sections. In the first section, the teacher can:

  • Filter by adventure number
  • Search by student name
  • Change number of student records per page
  • Monitor course reports that show the number of students, number of quizzes, number of completed tasks, and number of tasks that have never been played:

View Single Course

The second section is a table that presents tutorial, quiz, and mission scores alongside the number of trials each student has used. The score is marked right or wrong so you can see which tasks have been solved.

View Single Course

View Single Student Activities

View Single Student Activities

The single student activities page can be accessed by clicking on the student's name from either the single course page or the single classroom page. On the single student activities page, the teacher can view:

  • Student's first name, last name, profile picture, classrooms, and courses.
  • Student’s rank, total score, and percent of tasks finished.
  • The student’s activity feedback with the following data:

- Date of last task played.

- Tasks that the student is stuck in (failed to pass 10 times).

- Any adventure has ended without the student passing it.

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