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Today’s kids are excellent at using technology. They know how mobile phones work and can open any app they want or download and install applications from the app store or Play store easily.

A lot of time is wasted as kids play games on their phones, so why not leverage kids’ passion for technology use this time to teach them the basics of coding?

RoboGarden changed the concept of coding while learning to make it become more enjoyable. RoboGarden features a world that’s full of fun and joy in learning. Join your kids in the RoboGarden world and download RoboGaden's apps to begin your magnificent adventures in learning to code.

RoboGarden Programs include Minecraft , RoboFellow and RoboGarden PLayGround. That incorporate NGSS standards. In this case, the MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, and MS-ETS1-4 standards are all leveraged as the student learns to define the criteria and constraints of a design problem to ensure a successful solution and analyze data from tests.


Learning to code with Minecraft and RoboGarden through the combination of visual code blocks and Code Connection is an ideal learning tool.

A game-based learning platform that has transformed the way educational games are built and added a new dimension to the education process as we know today. It has tons of engaging content and capabilities.

Minecraft: Education Edition offers unique features that are specially designed for teachers, including tutorials, classroom management tools, and sample lessons.

Minecraft also boasts a great community and plenty of support. Educators use Minecraft in their lesson plans to teach a variety of subjects like science, art, and languages. It helps children build many essential skills like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking and improve their approach to problem-solving.


RoboFellow targets students in younger age groups than your typical programming app. To accomplish this, every part of the RoboGarden app has been made simpler and more child-friendly than ever. Your kids will be inspired as they watch the results of their instructions as the robot in front of them follows the code in real time. Just download it and enjoy.

Kids can learn a lot by playing with Lego. It is one of the best approaches to learning because children love to manipulate the pieces so that the learning process is smooth and straightforward. RoboGarden uses Lego to assemble a robot that can move, tilt, and follow voice commands to complete missions with the help of RoboFellow.


RoboGarden produced the Playground app, to capture the interest of kids and help them become educated as they play. The app’s primary purpose is to teach kids how to code through five unusual, gamified activities. This app is available now in the iOS app store and will be launched soon on Android.

Overall, the students are expected to improve in the areas of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.

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