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RoboGarden and Ed-Tech

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Many companies have delved into the field of education, but how many are dedicating their full resources to making the experience itself easier and more intuitive for students instead of just filling their websites with curriculums?

There is a specific field of technology dedicated to education, called ed-tech (education technology), in which companies assign their research and development team to the task of making education more fun, intuitive, and effortless.

What is ed-tech?

Ed-tech includes concepts that constitute the idea of innovation in education. For example, the pedagogy, or the method of teaching, must be tailored to the curriculum at hand. Each subject of study must have its own way of teaching and delivery which must be considered from the beginning of the design process.

Teaching STEM subjects requires different methods than teaching art or engineering. Science subjects require stating the facts behind each scientific concept and then proving that by experiment. Engineering students require an initial demonstration of the concept so they can attempt to understand what happened and justify that explanation with rules.

Coding education done right

The staff at RoboGarden have gone the extra mile by applying existing ed-tech concepts in the programming education field to the RoboGarden curriculum and even devising some of their own. Research and development engineers along with educational experts, college professors, and STEM engineers have all collaborated to produce the accurately revised learning material that constitute RoboGarden’s programs.

The RoboGarden way

The RoboGarden curriculum is broken down into journeys, which are further broken down to adventures and again into missions. The sense of continuous and cumulative accomplishment can help eliminate boredom and fear of failure in students who are learning to program for the first time. Fear of failure can be very off-putting to students, so RoboGarden uses an intuitive hinting system to help them progress on their own in figuring out which piece of their code have errors so they do not get stuck trying to find out where they went wrong.

RoboGarden even teaches math in a fun and exciting way. The addition triangle, which you will see when you start solving missions, uses simple motions on a colorful mat to teach addition and subtraction. Another interesting concept is the multiple scenario-mission, which you can learn more about.

The RoboGarden curriculum is the result of thousands of hours of development and is one of a kind in coding education. Interested? Register for free and start your learning journey today.

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