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Every March we tend to celebrate women for their success, those who managed to make a difference whether in the tech field or any other. Some fields are gender biased, such as the tech field, which is always linked to men, but we should shed the lights on the achievements of women because every step taken forward always counts and we should introduce these women, who we should all look up to, to the world.

Women’s Achievements in the Tech Field

Giving women’s ideas and thoughts the chance to take place in the products being created in technology will at the end serve other women receiving those products on the other side, it will give companies the chance to understand both genders and be able to create a product that answers all their needs, whether men or women.

The tech industry has always been powered by men even though it continues to grow at three times the pace of the national economy. Only 30% of women are employed in tech-related jobs and over three-quarters of director roles are actually held by men.

On the other side, there are still some achievements in the tech field which were successfully done by women, such as Ada Lovelace who was named as the first programmer since she had written notes that explained how the notion of a specific engine could transition calculation to computation, and Grace Hopper who designed a compiler which translated programmer’s instructions to computer codes, as well as many others.

Top Achievements of Women in Technology

If you look around to examine the products or services you might be using, you will definitely find that most, if not all of them, have women working behind them in order to bring you the final product or service that you are waiting for. There are some examples for the achievements that women did in the field of technology which we should refer to, and we should always be aware that every single achievement that made a difference should be counted, not just those standing on the top and might be already known.

  • Sheryl Sandberg

  • Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, which every single one of us is using on a daily basis. In 2012, when Sheryl became a member of Facebook’s board of directors, she was considered the first female to do so.

    In addition to being part of the Facebook team, we have to mention that Sheryl also worked for Google, and since she is also an activist, she also found the which is a platform that supports women in the journey of achieving all their ambitions by crossing any bias or barriers.

  • Andrea Loubier

  • Knowing that the tech field is filled with more male entrepreneurs, Andrea Loubier decided to get into the competition and take her place by creating Mailbird, which is a desktop email that is designed to change the way you manage your email, tasks, scheduling, communication, and more, allowing people to bring their emails into one place and do everything from there.

    Now, Andrea Loubier has taken her place in the tech industry as being a female entrepreneur who offered a mail client to different customers, which is another achievement that we have to celebrate in the world of technology today.

  • May Habib

  • In 2021, there is a good number of those women out there who played important roles in the tech industry and who offered products and services that matter and are making a difference. In addition to those who have paved the way for coding and internet years and years back, we should also mention those who are still creating services that could make things work easier and more professional today.

    May Habib, the CEO of Writer, is one of those women out there who created Writer which helps teams create content that is clear, consistent, and on brand and which works for different teams out there, whether in marketing, HR, or even other departments.

  • Reshma Saujani

  • The interesting thing about those women who start their own business and leave their fingerprints in the tech world, is that they also have other success stories that should be mentioned along the way, just like the case with Reshma Saujani.

    Reshma Saujani is the founder of the non-profit organization named, Girls Who Code, which aims at increasing the number of women in the field of computer science. She is also the famous person behind the famous TED Talk “Teach girls bravery, not perfection” which is the reason why she decided to keep going and bring one other useful thing out to the world, or all the other women out there.

  • Susan Wojcicki

  • Becoming the CEO of YouTube back in 2014 was not the beginning of her success story though, Susan Wojcicki actually managed to climb the ladder step by step before that. Susan has been Google’s sixteenth employee and initial marketing manager, who also contributed to the development of Google Images and Adsense.

    And again, we have to mention that we all use Google and YouTube on a daily basis for personal and work related reasons, and having a woman managing the process from behind just proves how well women could perform in the world of technology. According to Wojcocki, 30% of women in the field might be considered a problem today, we need them to be more and raise this percentage to change the taboo that the tech industry is just for men.

Women should be celebrated all year long, not just a day or even a month, but sometimes putting them on stage and shedding the lights on their success and achievements is needed. We are celebrating all women out there, in the tech industry and those who are not, and telling them to keep going forward and keep believing in their abilities and ideas.

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Happy International Women’s Day, and month!

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