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Programming Languages You Should Try

We are a witnessing a technological revolution that is occurring in a streamlined way. First, machines replace humans in menial or repetitive jobs. Then, computers replace machines. Computers can even learn, which means they will ultimately replace humans in more complex roles. This is not a bad thing in general, but it is not wise to be coding illiterate in a computer-driven world. Programming languages are at the heart of today’s technology ’s.

The most popular and influential programming languages have been updated for 2018. This list is a great place for newcomers to the programming field to decide where they should begin. Of course, every ranking system measures the impact of a certain programming language in a slightly different way. Greater importance could be placed on how widely a language is used, on how strong and portable it is, or on one of many other reasons.

RoboGarden had conducted a thorough market analysis of programming languages. Based on those results, the decision was made to focus on Python and JavaScript as a transition from Blockly, a visual programming language. We didn’t come to that conclusion in just one day!

Over the recent years, Python and JavaScript have consistently been ranked among the top coding languages. This strong standing has never changed; they are always on the top of the charts. Python is simple and incredibly readable since it closely resembles natural English language. It is a great language for beginners. JavaScript is just as easy as Python in terms of syntax, but it is used for web applications and user interface.

In 2018, Python jumped two places to come first on the list. It is followed by C, Java, and C++. This is not surprising since C and C++ are widely used in software and embedded systems development, meaning they have a big share of the development marker. Even then, Python came ahead of both. Python is now the obvious choice for online course providers to turn to when they create an intro to programming course. There are many libraries for mathematics, physics, and much more that are freely available for use with Python.

JavaScript, not to be confused with Java, is another one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages. It is used to add interactivity to web pages. JavaScript has a variety of famous libraries that make it easy to complete tasks such as adding graphs, charts, and animations to websites. Since it is a web language, JavaScript use has spread like wildfire. It is compatible with most web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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