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Programming for Beginners

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Idea and Innovation

Programming is a unique world of creativity that begins with a simple idea and then adds more ideas, or features, as the program takes shape according to the programmer's train of thought. In fact, programming depends on the person’s creative side and the extent of their ability to develop code that flows beautifully, yet logically.

Science and Art

Programming is a science in that it has fundamental ideas that must be followed. These basics must be learned by every person who wants to become a programmer. On the other hand, it is also an art with a profound creative side. One idea can be implemented in many ways depending on how the programmer approaches the problem. Each programmer has their own way of writing code. The goal is to find the simplest and easiest way. Code is written to execute quickly on the computer so that it can be improved and built upon easily, and so that it can be corrected by anyone.

Programming Languages

Just as humans use language to communicate, so do we communicate with computers in a special language of their own. At their hearts, all computer languages are limited to 0s and 1s where 0 means off and 1 means on.

Of course, we do not have to speak with the computer in its language directly. Instead, we use a specific programming language to communicate with the device and give it orders for work. We can say that the programming language is considered as an interpreter and mediator between us humans and the computer.

Some of the most important programming languages are Java, Ruby, Python, C, and C++. Any programmer should learn one of those. From there, they can easily move to any other language or programming environment.


One of the most influential programming languages in many applied and practical fields, Java operates on most platforms, operating systems, hardware, and software. It is a target language that is based on rows. Its basic feature is that can be typed once and run anywhere: Application developers can write code for an application on one platform and then run it on different platforms without needing to recompile the code. Java is widely used due to its applicability in a variety of areas, but writing software and code effectively and efficiently using Java are not easy.

Programmers who want to work in the field of object-oriented programming may want to begin by learning C or C++ because Java derives many structures from them.


An open-source programming language that is primarily focused on programming web applications, Ruby is renowned for being a dynamic and scalable language that is easy to learn. It is written largely in human language and supports both procedural and functional programming methods.


A high-level programming language with a general orientation and design philosophy, Python is an open-source, free software language. Python also follows procedural and functional programming methods. It is one of the most widely-used languages in the world. It is not only featured in many applications but also has an active and dynamic community of developers. The official Python website provides beginners learning series to help newcomers learn the basics of the language and its applications.

C and C++

The most popular languages in the world of high-level programming languages are C and C++. Perhaps these two environments are the ideal choice to start learning programming concepts and applications, especially when it comes to the C languages, whose structure can be seen in many modern programming languages. C is a general-purpose programming language, while C++ is used in a variety of applications from video games to application software.

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