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Programing in early childhood

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Who said that programming can’t start until a certain age? There is no direct link between mental ability or critical thinking activities at a young age and the ability to learn programming concepts. Programming is a naturally-inspired activity. It is natural, for example, to look for an easier way to do a certain task you do.

You may find that organizing your thoughts and running through various scenarios will help you resolve difficult situations. Those thoughts must cover scenarios based on one event or another happening or not occurring.

Learning to code at an early age doesn’t necessarily mean that you will grow to know all programming languages. It just means learning how to process your thoughts logically as you grow comfortable with the ideas behind programming.

When should kids start?

This begs the question of what age is appropriate for kids to start learning to program. The best answer is that to start as early as possible. Early coding education is not intended to teach kids programming languages and syntax, but rather to help them understand the concepts behind coding.

Young children can learn about creativity and logical thinking in organized steps. These skills will be invaluable in helping kids improve their mental skills and the ways they approach problems for the rest of their lives.

Robogarden’s way

Kids can learn to code before they can read thanks to websites that make the learning process easy and fun. If you spend some time searching for activities to help boost logical thinking and alternative methodologies, you will find all kinds of resources. For example, most kids adore playing with robots. That’s why the content creators at RoboGarden created amazing scenarios to help kids have gaming adventures that help them learn programming concepts along the way.

Kids will try to solve missions where they must help the hero robot, Robo. Playing with Robo and solving problems while collecting colorful, fun assets will keep kids entertained and learning for hours.

RoboGarden teaches kids to code with a STEAM curriculum. It also teaches good behavior. All lessons use drag and drop to help kids learn about programming without syntax errors. The creators of RoboGarden also designed fun activities that are delivered via Android and iOS apps to make learning to code easier than expected.

Are you excited about helping your kid develop their programming abilities? Join Robogarden today and register for free.

Importance of coding education learning while playing



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