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Robogarden STEAM Angels: Megha Chopra

Robogarden STEAM Angels: Megha Chopra

Embrace change

Technology has invaded every aspect of our daily lives. It has forced us to keep up with the latest trends so that we are aware of what is going around us. Although there are plenty of people who seek out new technologies, a large number of people distance themselves from these emerging technologies because they believe that it may have a negative impact on their well-being.

Spreading awareness, educating people, opening peoples’ minds to adopting a new method of thinking, and encouraging people to use new technologies is not an easy task. It is, however, important for people to understand how technology can aid them and help them to move beyond their current abilities.

Who is Megha Chopra?

Megha Chopra is our third STEAM Angel. Megha introduces herself as a 24-year-old, gregarious tech geek who loves to travel and to drink different types of wine. Her love for technology started at a very young age. Megha has always been intrigued by how machines work.

She was so curious, she would carry a screwdriver around and dismantle everything and anything that was accessible. Too bad she often got into trouble for that! It was her enjoyment of problem-solving and her satisfaction in knowing how things work that lead her to pursue a career in STEAM.


Megha competed in several mobile app development hackathons and entrepreneurial competitions during her undergraduate days. She won first place in a Global Technovation challenge, the People's Choice Award for Apps for Alberta. She also took first place at International Vatican Hackathon. Megha currently works as an Information and Analytics Consultant with Alberta Health Services.

“The sheer joy of problem-solving, constantly learning, and creating things that are useful to other people is what keeps me going,” is what Megha says when asked what she likes about her job.

Aspirations and advice

Megha says that STEAM careers are like the wizards of our society: when you pursue a career in STEAM, you get the chance to join an elite group and create magic that will keep your brain juices flowing. Megha believes that girls and women are as capable as men are at excelling in their chosen careers. She believes that there are multiple STEAM fields where participation by women is greatly needed.

Some examples include data science, software development, market research analysis, biochemical engineering, and a whole lot more. Megha aspires to become an entrepreneur who runs her own digital consulting firm. She hopes to advise young girls to pursue their dreams by joining the STEAM community.

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