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Machine Learning; What’s Coming up Next?

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It’s not just the devices you use on a daily basis that are now depending on machine learning and artificial intelligence, but ML and AI are actually getting into different fields to make things much easier. According to different studies, it was found that businesses that depend on machine learning turned out to gain more revenue than those who didn’t, and these businesses actually come from different fields, like Disney in 3D animation for example. Let’s see how ML and AI are actually influencing different fields out there.

It doesn’t matter which industry you are working in; you will always find that any technological development taking place will always help.

Machine Learning in the World of Cartoons

Every business out there should always try to keep up with the technological changes happening in order to succeed. In the case of machine learning and artificial intelligence, keeping up with such technological changes is beneficial because it actually helps reduce human interaction and thus makes the process much easier, and sometimes even much faster.

Disney has actually been trying to work on bringing photorealistic 3D images of human faces, which has been considered an issue in the previous years since the outcome would always look very similar to us without being entirely accurate, which would in turn deliver the feeling of terror or discomfort. So, Disney has been developing a new kind of machine learning algorithm that would help make it easier to render such images.

Machine learning would be helping in this case for being better at analyzing the intricacies of the human face with the various expressions that every person has. Also, machine learning in such cases helps in broadening the available options that animators could use since it never brings the expressions of two different individuals the same, there will always be differences at the end.

Machine Learning and Climate Change Predictions

It’s not just about making 3D animations look much realistic to us, but machine learning is actually helping in more important industries that could help save the world, or at least prevent disasters from happening. One of the fields that machine learning has been helping with is weather forecast and predictions, such as predicting the weather 3 to 5 days earlier, or else stimulating the turbulence in the air.

Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign developed a new method that actually brings physics into the machine learning process in order to bring better predictions when it comes to air turbulence. The question is who would such research or method help? One of the important things that this method would help with is in the process of creating an air or spacecraft, it will help engineers predict whether or not a design involving turbulent flow will work for their goals, this is according to Jonathan Fluent, Willett Professor and Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are always proving magic when they are implemented in different industries and fields, they get to solve lots of problems out there.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Education

When it comes to education, especially after what happened in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have to say that machines are definitely there to help since they proved to be good at things that teachers are bad at, such as collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data, and that’s according to Jamie Frost, the owner of DrFrostMaths website offering free resources for students and teachers and who also happens to have a doctorate in machine learning from Oxford University.

So, even though machines are really good at doing the more complicated tasks, teachers on the other side are better when it comes to things that need interaction, such as simply explaining the lesson to the students. With coronavirus locking down schools around the world and urging students and teachers to start dealing with online education, teachers became more innovative in trying to find ways to blend digital tools with classroom skills.

This might have proven to be difficult at the beginning, at least with younger ages, but it will work well at some point, the only problem to face would be related to the poor communities who don’t have access to a computer.

Machine Learning and Plastic Pollution

One of the main environmental problems threatening our world is plastic pollution, and that’s another field to consider when we are talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence and the help tech could offer to solve the world. Plastic pollution is known to threaten different things in our lives, such as water drinking, wildlife, food supplies, as well as other things, and that’s exactly when machine learning will interfere to take action.

When researchers were trying to find a solution for such a problem, they were focusing on finding the right tools in order to reduce plastic waste and decrease the production of plastic. At this point, a robotic system that depends on machine learning and other tools, came to life in order to improve the ability to sort these plastics.

This robotic system that is being built to help in the process, combines novel sensor technology that can register the molecular signature of each piece of plastic, as well as the machine learning that will be able to identify in real time the specific type of each piece of plastic, based on these signatures. This mixed-waste sorting process is very important for researchers because it will let them easily find the materials in the recycling parts or pieces which make recycling more difficult or expensive, such as contaminants and non-polymeric waste for example.

Machine learning and AI are definitely taking the lead because they not only help in the tech industries, but actually in all the other fields that are found out there. The whole world is now turning more into the digital era, making everything online, starting from online shopping and ending with education and work, so getting to learn those coding skills needed and knowing more about machine learning is definitely the next step you are supposed to take in order to manage finding a place for yourself to work in and understand in the future.

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