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Leverage of Coding

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A code is the computer’s language, which we use to make websites, apps, video games, and more. The computer has become an integral part of any job and any home, with the rapid development of technology. Language is the link that connects people and makes them able to understand each other.

Imagine that your favorite friend is French and you only know English. The best way to communicate with your friend is to learn. The computer can be a good friend, but if you want to talk to it then you must learn its language. Computers have languages that we must learn to interact with them. Learning Coding is like learning a language to understand its speakers.

Tips for a better future by learning to code:

  • It opens the door for a career in dealing with computers.
  • It allows a child to develop their ability to think critically about problem-solving, which in turn lets the child practice mental composition
  • Learning at a young age is key to ensuring a well-paying job in the future, especially as computers become more ubiquitous in all industries.

Benefits of Coding:

There are many benefits of coding education. It is more than just a tool that improves the potential job prospects of students in the future. It was proven that programming is beneficial for the brain. It enhances focus, you can learn more in our article on the benefits of coding.

Understanding how everything around us works will increase a student’s desire to learn how to code. A recent study showed that coding enhances the brain functions and acts as a brain workout, it teaches discipline, critical thinking, and debugging skills.

Kids can feel successful as they get a computer to do whatever they tell it to do. Kids learn to use logic as they learn about programming since logical thinking is a fundamental requirement for coding.

It teaches kids how to build by using cause and effect to detect why certain things don’t work while others do. Learning the thought and logic processes behind debugging can serve a child well in using logic to solve a problem and can encourage a child to learn to write correct code to reduce errors and crashes.

A child can learn about programming languages from a very young age. Some languages that are excellent for young beginners include HTML, Python, and JavaScript. An early start will support strong progress in all areas of childhood education.

Practice an Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a major event organized by, whose mission is to spread programming education to people of all ages, from 4 to 104 years. The no-experience-necessary movement has attracted millions of users in more than 180 countries worldwide.

There have been numerous movements and calls for the integration of computer science in and secondary education by parents and educators.

The Hour of Code initiative has earned a tremendous amount of support and collaboration, particularly from major names in today's IT industry like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

You can learn Coding in less time than possible and without any money, join us on the best platform ever on learning to code as a game for kids. Help your child learn in a funny, useful, and creative way. It’s an easy call that will pay dividends throughout your child’s life.

RoboGarden has three tutorials (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and each has six missions which have been contributed to Hour of Code. These missions are sequential and require no prerequisites. They feature unique worlds and interactive graphics that make the experience exceptional.

Thanks to statistics provided by Hour of Code, we know that students and educators have both taken an interest in our activities. RoboGarden helps your child start their coding adventure today to put them on the track to becoming a successful programmer, developer, or computer scientist.

Join us now and start learning with RoboGarden.

Importance of coding education



Do you want to learn coding in less time than possible and without any money, join us on the best platform ever on learning coding as a game for kids?

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