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Let’s celebrate the new RoboGarden Playground

image showing RoboGarden Robo presents playground activities.

Technology in daily life

Today’s kids are excellent at using technology. They know how mobile phones work and can open any app they want or download and install applications from the app store or Play store easily.

A lot of time is wasted as kids play games on their phones, so why not leverage kids’ passion for technology use this time to teach them the basics of coding?

Importance of coding for kids

Coding is a part of everything we do. Mobile phones, for example, have mobile apps you can download and play as games. Coding is the smartest and fastest way to develop your kid's problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Why haven’t you started teaching them coding yet?

RoboGarden Playground

RoboGarden produced the Playground app, to capture the interest of kids and help them become educated as they play. The app’s main purpose is to teach kids how to code through five amazing, gamified activities. This app is available now in the iOS app store and will be launched soon on Android.

1. First Steps

Robo, RoboGarden’s hero robot, doesn’t know how to move. You are the leader, and your job is to help Robo move and collect the various assets. In First Steps, your child will become familiar with sequencing and motor actions that make Robo move successfully.

2. Tasty But Healthy

Our kids are stubborn and don't know what is harmful to their health. In Tasty But Healthy, kids will replace lollipops and donuts with less sugary wafer sticks.

This mission asks kids to help Robo avoid sugary sweets and collect the healthy ones using basic movements. It’s important for Robot to keep himself healthy.

3. Candy Shop

With Candy Shop, your kids will learn math operations like addition and subtraction while collecting biscuits, coins, and donuts using basic movements. They will enjoy learning in a magnificent birthday world.

4. Discover the Alien Message

Robo must solve the mission to Discover the Alien Message. Your mission will involve mathematical operations using addition and subtraction to help Robo put the answer in the correct cell. You will use loops, which minimize the code blocks.

5. Discover the Universe

Making a decision is not always easy, so in Discover the Universe you will learn about conditions concepts. These will help you make decisions and handle different scenarios.

RoboGarden changed the concept of coding while learning to make it become more enjoyable. RoboGarden features a world that’s full of fun and joy in learning. Join your kids in the RoboGarden world and download RoboGaden's apps to begin your magnificent adventures in learning to code.

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Do you want to learn coding in less time than possible and without any money, join us on the best platform ever on learning coding as a game for kids?

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