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How to Support Your Kids in their Coding Education?

Image shows that mother supports her kid in coding education

With all the technological changes that are taking place, kids are now urged to work hard in order to gain some beneficial digital skills, such as learning how to code. In the hassle of trying to make sure kids are gaining the needed digital skills that will safely make them prepared for the future needs, parents who are not familiar with coding might need to know how they are supposed to support their kids during this educational journey.

Lots of schools around the world already updated their school system to include coding classes for the students, but when it comes to parents, there are some obstacles that might appear along the way and one of them is knowing how they are supposed to support their kids along the journey when they don’t know how to code themselves.

5 Things to Do to Support Your Kids in their Coding Journey

There are some important benefits that come along with coding education for kids, such as being problems solvers, thinking critically, and knowing how to communicate among a team, and these come from simply learning how to combine simple pieces together in order to reach the final outcome. Coding is not difficult for kids, especially if they are learning it through the right place and ways, and they don’t have to turn into programmers when they grow up, but knowing how to would still open lots of opportunities for them.

Here are some things parents should do when they are teaching their kids how to code if they haven’t gone through any coding education experience before.

  1. Learn with Them Along the Way

  2. One important thing to consider when your kids are learning how to code is to go through the same experience with them, this will not just help you offer them the support they need, but it will also give you an idea about what coding is, what the kids will be learning, and help you even consider whether you need to learn it yourself or not. Even if you will get the help of a teacher or a professional company, it is important to consider this an opportunity which you are going to learn from as well.

  3. Choose Coding Games as the First Step

  4. There are different ways that kids could learn coding from, but the one that is considered the most fun and interesting is through the coding games which are provided by different professional companies out there. Coding games are considered much easier for kids since they give them the chance to think of how to solve a problem in order for the game to work, as if they are putting the different pieces of the puzzle together to get the final outcome.

  5. Let Them Try Until They Succeed

  6. Coding is all about practicing, kids need to keep trying until they solve the problem at hand, and since most parents who are not familiar with coding might want to help, they might start trying themselves or interfere in the process, which should not happen. If you want to learn with your kids, try to solve the coding problem on your own and leave some space for your kids to try, because that’s how they are going to actually learn, and since you still don’t know the right solution, it's better they turn to be the ones trying.

  7. Get Familiar with Important Coding Terms

  8. Before you take the first steps in the coding journey of your kids, you should first get yourself prepared. The preparation phase includes reading more about the important coding terms which your kids will get exposed to, such as variables, loops, functions, and more. In addition to such important terms, you could also start before your child does; try to play the game they are going to learn coding through in order to understand the rules, know what they will be doing, and manage to offer him/her some help if they asked for later on.

  9. Ask for the Help of an Expert

  10. Yes, parents could be good when they start the coding education journey with their kids, but at some point they might hit a dead end without knowing how they are supposed to solve the problems their kids might be facing. So, in order to keep your child interested and excited to keep going, it is sometimes important to seek the help of an expert, be it a professional programmer, a teacher, or even a professional company that offers tutorials or how-to videos, this might give kids ideas or solutions they didn’t think about and would help keep them encouraged to continue the journey they have already started.

Even though it is believed that kids who are good in mathematics will end up being good in coding, there is also a chance for those who are creative to be good at it too. There are no limits to learn coding, it even gives kids the chance to discover themselves and know more about their innovative skills, which is one important benefit that comes along with coding, and this encourage all parents out there even though those who didn’t come across coding education before to take the lead and help their kids gain some important skills which they will definitely need in the future.

If you are a parent, staying at home due to the current conditions, and want to help your child learn how to code, you should follow these easy and simple steps in order to support them along the way, you could also learn coding with your kids with RoboGarden by choosing any of the plans that best suit your needs and start your coding journey through our game-based education platform. Learn more here.

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