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How to Nurture the Coding Guru in your Child

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Coding is a new language, one increasingly needed in this technological era. Today, coders are the leaders of the future and teaching kids to code seems like a no-brainer.

Due to the high demand for coding skills on the job market, these days¬¬ many parents are eager to enroll their kids in coding courses or sign them up for coding games. In today’s digitized world, no one can deny that the skill of coding is beneficial. But how can you know if this is a path you should encourage your child to pursue?

In this article, we assess the traits of a successful coding guru and suggest ways to nurture the coding guru in your child.

Could Your Child Be a Coder?


Any child four years or older has the ability to become a coding guru. The process is not exclusive. You just have to believe in your child and nurture their path.

It is true that some children might not show an interest in the process of learning to code. However, most coding courses today are being offered in the form of easy coding games.

It has been shown that using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning. Games that teach coding are more interesting to children; they are similar to real-world courses but instead of having a tutor explain the lesson, children play games on their own, acquires new skills, and even takes quizzes at the end of each level to assess what they have learnt.

Given that many children today are excited to play games, by learning to code through a gaming platform, it is very likely that, with some time, your child will fall in love with the world of computer coding and programming.

Traits of a Coding Guru

Traits of a Coding Guru

While it is true that any child can learn to code past age four, all children are different. Some are able to show an interest in, and concentrate for a long time on, solving a riddle, puzzle, or specific game, while others may spend only some time on the same problem and lose interest too soon.

Research shows that there are some traits that might indicate that your child is likely to excel at coding. These include:

  • Puzzle Solving
  • Some kids are good puzzle solvers. This may not be something that all kids can, or at least have the patience, to do. If you notice that your child loves to work on puzzles, then coding might be something you should consider introducing them to.

  • Asking a lot of Questions
  • A love of learning is one of the traits that coders are well known for. If your child asks a lot of questions about how the world works, it might be beneficial to introduce them to the world of coding. Coding is all about asking questions to explore the world!

  • Logical Thinking
  • If your child shows a propensity towards thinking logically when trying to solve a real world problem or gravitates towards games that emphasize this skill, then they would love coding, which depends on it, and are likely to excel at it.

  • Love for Technology
  • Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love technology? Children are especially technologically savvy and their love for new innovations and gadgets is likely to translate well into a love of coding. Of course, it is important that technology be introduced and monitored wisely because it might also have negative effects on their development.

  • A Good Communicator
  • Being a coder is all about being a good communicator. If your child is a good listener, if they organize and deliver information with clarity, and deliver it to people with sincerity, it is very likely that they would enjoy the world of coding and should be encouraged to pursue it.

  • Adaptability
  • Adaptability is an important skill to nurture in a child from a young age. Some children are likely to already be prone to it, while others need encouragement. This is an important trait to consider when thinking about introducing your child to the world of coding. In this ever-changing technological world, adaptability is key and one of the primary skills on which not only coding, but the world, is built.

What to Consider as a Parent?

What to Consider as a Parent?

Before thinking what coding lessons to enroll your kids in, there are a few things to consider.

  • Understand what coding for children is
  • Coding is a programming language that only the computer can understand and act upon. Coding is in demand as a skill and parents always get excited about it at first because they understand all the incredible opportunities it could offer their child. However, it is important that parents understand what coding is and what it offers.

  • Know the benefits of coding
  • One of the most important things that parents should consider when it comes to deciding whether to introduce their children to coding is the different benefits. Coding helps children enhance different skills, beyond just future market-based opportunities. Coding offers children the chance to become more creative while trying to search for solutions for the problems they encounter. Coding encourages thinking critically for the best way to reach a solution and also encourages children to think about all the different ways in which one can reach a solution, whether it be real-world or game-based.

    Coding nurtures logical thinking. Problems are observed, broken down, and assessed to find the right solution.

  • The different ways used to teach children how to code
  • There are two important things to consider when it comes to the different methods of teaching children to code.

    1. Off-coding
    2. It is important to start your child with an off-coding technique at first. Off-coding is the process of introducing the basics of coding to your child, away from the computer. This process is all about creating games that might be similar to computerized ones but that are played offline and with actual tools and toys. This is a good coding kick-off for children. Using toys they already play with to solve problems, they will learn to think more critically, become more creative, and break down processes to solve different problems.

    3. Coding games
    4. Coding includes different languages. For children to acquire a new language, visual aids are very important, especially if they are total beginners. Coding games allow children to start learning coding through easy and fun games that give them the chance to try to solve problems, acquire new skills, test their knowledge. Through a fun and interactive way, they eventually build their knowledge to a point where they can start writing code totally on their own.

Coding for children is never dull because the outcome is always a surprise for everyone. Every child finds their own path to choosing an action to solve a problem. Beyond just teaching children invaluable skills necessary for both everyday life and the job market, teaching children to code offers parents an insight into the creative decision-making process of their children.

Why not sign your child up today, what’s there to lose?

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