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Learning to program can help your kids improve their leadership skills, problem solving skills, and focus. These qualities all grow hand in hand with programming. Programming can open the door to other important skills such as courage, self-confidence, and strong decision-making capabilities.

Studies show that 90% of a child’s personality is formed in the first seven years of their life. These are the most important years of human life, and learning to code during this time is the best way to stimulate the mind in ways that will be critical to a child’s future. Creative thinking is thinking in a way that is not typical, which leads to smarter ways of finding answers to challenging problems.

Children will need to be literate in tech to be competitive in the job market. Most jobs today require a working knowledge of basic IT skills. Programmers are well-paid and in high demand in today’s market. Opportunities for skilled employees will only continue to expand in the future.

RoboGarden provides kids with the skills they need in a tech savvy world. Kids can start as early as age seven and set off on a programming adventure that gradually increases in difficulty. The child begins their journey by exploring different real-world scenarios with educational themes such as a journey through space or a winter wonderland that features a snowman.

RoboGarden teaches kids the rules of coding in JavaScript and Python, two in-demand programming languages used to build web applications and to program desktop applications and games, while they play. A child must think creativity and carefully implement their new knowledge to solve the task at hand and move on to the next one.

As they become stronger at programming concepts, your kids will be able to choose one of multiple paths through which to apply their skills. They may choose to join a corporation, they could start their own business, or they could work as freelancers. No matter which outcome they choose, they will apply RoboGarden’s motto of “Learn to Earn” by going through the different worlds and translating their journey to knowledge that will help them find skilled employment.

Programming can help your kid start down the path of getting their first job or starting their own company. Many people began that way and eventually became the leaders of today’s tech companies. Learning to program represents an alternative way of learning. It is not a replacement to school, but rather a complementary approach. If you’re a beginner and want to see if coding is for you, why not try out a RoboGarden’s journeys? There’s nothing to lose, so register now and start coding!

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