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It’s no secret that Information Technology has taken a big leap in the past few years, with computers replacing many human jobs. These computer programs are operated by algorithm experts, indicating that future positions will require an increased level of technological understanding when compared to past positions. In this article, we will discuss the most sought-after jobs in today’s market according to vacancies and current demand. These areas are the ones that will produce high-paying openings.

  • 1- Software Engineers
  • 2- Software Architects
  • 3- UI/UX Designers
  • 4- Machine Learning Experts/Data Scientists

Machine learning experts, also known as data scientists, are last on the list in terms of salary but they are the most sought-after field to be in. With the high demand for these experts, they are likely to jump to the top of the list very shortly. Machine learning engineers design and develop new solutions for technology and find new purposes and uses for existing tech. They can be found in a vast range of industries like technology, medicine, science, and manufacturing. These experts research complex problems and are always looking for new areas with automation potential. Their main goal is to create solutions that require limited to no human interaction. The average annual salary of an entry level machine learning engineer is around $98K.

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design is another area that is rapidly growing. Users tend to lose interest when using applications and websites that all look the same and lack functionality. A UI/UX designer’s main purpose is to create a friendly and intuitive experience for the users. They usually work with product engineers, marketing, and sales teams to get user feedback to improve the user experience. On average, UI/UX designers can earn around $98K per year.

Software architects are the individuals who lay the foundation for all applications. They are the first to imagine what should be done and they design the necessary changes based on the modules that they begin with. Software architects create high-level architectural specs and ensure feasibility, functionality, and integration with other existing platforms. They usually guide developers through the cycle of a project and their average annual salary is around $116K.

The final profession on our list is software engineers. They are considered as one of the main gears in the development machine. These engineers implement the designs created by architects and guide junior developers in determining the appropriate tools, algorithms, and methods to use. They interact with the business end as well by monitoring the market need and analysis and their impact on the software being developed. A senior software engineer is typically paid around $100K, which is $20K less than the principle software engineers who oversee the whole development process. The main task of the principal software engineer is to make sure profits are rising and the costs are falling. A Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) certification along with hands-on experience is required for this position.

If this proves something, it is that IT jobs are taking more than one place in the list of highest paying jobs worldwide, and not only places but they come at the head of the table, it is no secret that we are now living in a digital world and everything moved to cloud.

So, better start coding now, sign up now.

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