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Computer Science Education Week; Coding Education for All

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Did you know that there are millions of schools out there that do not teach computer science? Did you know that this carries more negative effects than positive ones? In the technological era, we are living in, teaching k-12 the basics of computer science is obligatory; children need to be prepared for the jobs that ask for computer skills or otherwise the world will be filled with empty jobs with no one to fill them.

What is Computer Science Education Week?

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual event that aims at promoting computer science education for all age groups and making them more aware of how important computer language is in this era, as well as for the future jobs they might one day become part of. This computer science educational week starts on December 9, which marks the birthday of computing pioneer’s Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, and it ends on the 15th of December.

We need schools, parents, and even children themselves to know about the importance of computer science education and understand why this is all celebrated in a specific week during the year. This week is supported by different companies and educators around the world; we want k-12 students to get well educated and know about the importance of coding.

Why Do Students Need Computer Science?

Computer science is changing everything, new applications are created and becoming part of the person’s everyday life, new products are invented and making it easier for people to get information or complete a task; that’s all because of computer science and coding.

It is believed that the future holds more than one million tech jobs for students who are actually not there yet due to the lack of computer education in schools, that’s why computer science education is important. The problem is that when students are not introduced to computer science in schools, it would be million times harder for them to find any interest towards it when they are in college.

Computer science goes beyond learning how to code, but it brings several other benefits for its students as well. There are a couple of things that students will learn from computer science education, such as:

  • Computational Thinking
  • Computational thinking is known as the process of breaking down the problems into segments in order to solve every single one individually, and that’s exactly what computer science will be teaching students. Computational thinking is not just needed for the field of computer science and programming, but it will help students in all the different fields as well, it will even be helpful for them in the everyday life interactions they go through.

  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Understanding and creating algorithms is part of the computational thinking benefit gained from computer science education, which is all about the list of steps taken when the student is trying to solve a specific problem; this is not just about computer programming or coding, but it is even about any task the student will be part of.

  • Visual Thinking
  • Of course, you know that STEAM education is always linked to computer science. One of the most exciting educational moments out there is when you see something you have been trying to deliver through codes eventually comes out to life. Kids love this part as well, and that’s what visual thinking is all about, they will try to visualize the end goal they want to reach, put down the codes, and see what will come out at the end.

  • Teamwork
  • Yes, this might be a surprise but computer science will help children know how to work among a team, which of course is important in different fields as well. When it comes to computer programming and coding, it is always believed that the contributions from the different team members will always add something because there are even some errors that appear and need different critical eyes to spot them out and correct them.

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week

This year, Computer Science Education Week 2019 will help students build their technological skills and prepare them for the future. There are different supporters taking part in this week, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others. The Hour of Code has been recognized as the one main program that is supporting this day, it is created by to introduce anyone to the basics of coding in just one hour without any fees taken.

About 90% of parents want to teach their kids how to code but this is not fulfilled back by schools since only 45% of them teach computer science. The interesting thing nowadays is the fact that kids actually enjoy computer science and art subjects the most, and this might make it easier for schools to enroll computer science education in their curriculum, especially since it is always linked to STEAM education.

In order to give children the right to learn about algorithms, learn to create an app, or even just understand how the internet works, there are different things that could be done, such as letting them take part in the Hour of Code, try any of the coding websites that will teach them to code through games, or search for a place where they could learn more about the world of computer science.

We could help k-12 students learn more about computer science through our coding games, which are easy for them to start with. Sign up for free and start your coding journey; get closer to the world of computer science education.

Happy Computer Science Education Week!

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