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Coding and life hacks

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It is not only Computer Science anymore:

Coding education has applications outside the field you are employed in. Learning to code teaches you countless skills, not just how to create mobile apps and websites.

It also boosts your brain power, just like learning a language. These processes have many cognitive benefits, as learning to program forms new neural pathways. This is called structural plasticity or neuroplasticity, where the brain changes its physical structure as a result of learning new information.

The Brain workout:

Learning a new programming language gives your brain a workout. In addition to improving memory and attention span, it can also reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline. Learning to code also teaches you how to become a better problem-solver.

When you learn computer programming, you develop a mindset that is always looking for alternatives and creative solutions. This helps you sharpen your logical and critical thinking skills, which reflects on your everyday life until you can troubleshoot and invent creative solutions to any problem you encounter.

A programming education will help you save time and become more productive. Once you learn basic programming skills, you will find yourself automating basic tasks to help save time and become more effective at work or in your personal life.

You will start getting more done in a day. You might find yourself writing little programs to enhance your email and messaging workflow so you can become even more efficient.

It is not just a language:

The positive cognitive effects of learning a new language can train your brain to analyze and process different structures. You’re increasing your ability to replicate the process with multiple languages.

Learning one programming language paves the way to learning many others, and by learning more than one you start opening doors to even more applications.

Whether you want to learn to code to aid your career, to improve your digital literacy, or simply for your own personal growth and development, there’s no question that the skills you’ll acquire will translate into countless benefits beyond pure programming.

Programming will teach you a lot of life hacks that may seem non-technical but that will also contribute to technical applications.

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