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Coding Activities: Beginner Level: Candy Shop

Cartoon image showing the environment and objectives of the Candy Shop activity.

Have your kids ever thought about joining the coding world? What has prevented them from getting started? Does that world seem so unfamiliar to you and your child that you don’t know how to start? Do you feel that it’s close, but that the instructions that would help you reach for that dream are unclear? Now is your chance to get started with RoboGarden’s activities that make coding concepts as easy as watching TV or playing football.

RoboGarden wants to play a part in this new world of coding, so we have developed a variety of fun coding activities. Each of our activities is a collection of missions that gradually increases in difficulty.

RoboGarden activities are divided into three levels.

Let’s take a look at one of our beginner-level activities.

The beginner level of content consists of a group of missions to help students learn about new coding blocks. Developed for kids seven or eight years of age, it is appropriate for anyone who needs to learn coding but who has no baseline knowledge of the subject. Kids will solve mathematical problems in a fun way while learning to code.

Candy Shop activity:

The Candy Shop activity teaches kids about the basic movements of Robo, RoboGarden’s hero robot, when he finds himself inside a field. Kids will have fun writing coding and solving math puzzles while playing with candy in six amazing missions that take place in a captivating world.

Candy Shop activity missions

    1- I can afford this

    The player must collect all the coins by using sequence of simple movement blocks. The player must then collect the cookie that requires one coin and the biscuit that requires three coins to successfully complete the mission.

    2- Stay healthy

    This mission aims to help kids to recognize healthier treats. To complete the mission, they must collect only the fruity lollipops while keeping away from sugary ones. Each player has five coins and each fruity lollipop requires two coins to purchase, so player must use simple math concepts to buy as much as they can.

    3- Add it up

    The player must collect all the sweets and calculate their total price. They must then choose the exact cost from the numbers displayed on the screen and paint the corresponding cell blue using the color sensor.

    4- How much does it cost?

    This mission is similar to the previous one, where the player collects all sweets and calculates how much they will cost. When the player selects the total cost from the available choices, they must paint the corresponding cell green. This helps reinforce the concepts from the previous mission while teaching kids more about colors and helping them practice math.

    5- Color the cells

    The player must paint the lollipop cells green, the chocolate box cells yellow, and the cupcake cells red. Student will learn that lollipops costs $1, the chocolate box costs $5, and the cupcake costs $3. As in the two previous missions, the student must select the total cost by painting the cell containing the correct cost blue to finish the mission successfully.

    6- Maximum coins

    Like the second mission, the sixth mission in this RoboGarden adventure helps kids understand healthy choices and encourages them to choose better foods. The player is rewarded with maximum coins only when they collect the sweets with the least sugar while avoiding the overly-sugary choices. The mission uses simple movement code blocks to complete the main objective of this activity.

The Candy Shop activity is filled with math problem that can be solved easily with simple coding blocks. Entering the coding world with the wish to learn new concepts is the right attitude to begin with, but it's important to understand that this world now is full of creators whose creativity is only increasing as time goes on. Your kids must be confident in themselves to compete with these creators. Just register now and start a learning challenge that will introduce you to brand new worlds.

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