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Can RoboGarden help your kid learn to program

RoboGarden is an edutainment platform that provides educational and entertaining content in the field of computer science. Programs also have content from the fields of math, earth and space sciences, and art built right in.

RoboGarden’s design is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to make use of educational materials to enhance engineering thinking and creativity. Beneath the catchy graphics and story lies the true definition of an online learning management system that is designed to guide students through progressively more challenging levels. RoboGarden’s design helps students progress on their own without help from any outside source. Teachers and parents are welcome to check in, of course, but the first focus is on making a child capable on their own.

Each course in RoboGarden’s programs is known as a journey. Journeys are designed around school learning outcomes with consideration for the student’s age. Built to contain stories that take place in an immersive world full of interactive graphics and visualizations, journeys are meant to captivate a child’s attention through a series of lessons, also known as adventures. Each adventure contains a tutorial, a tutorial quiz, five missions that focus on a coding concept with increasing difficulty, and a final quiz that measures the student’s understanding of the concept before moving on to the next one.

The beauty of RoboGarden lies in the way a student can progress through a journey with full utilization of the hinting system that can assist them whenever they need without revealing the model answer. The hints that can help the student determine a better way to achieve the mission goal. Missions becomes more complex and challenging as the student moves forward.

What truly sets RoboGarden apart from other competitors is how the platform provides a smooth transition from Blockly to the textual languages Python and JavaScript. Students begin with visual programming that leverages simple drag and drop blocks. They then move on to writing sections of code to complete the mission.

All these features combine to create a truly engaging experience that helps your child learns the basics of programming while providing a lot of knowledge about different sciences. RoboGarden promotes creativity and critical thinking skills while adding some nice values and good practices on top of that. All of this is accomplished with little to no intervention from anybody. A student can sail on their own. Will that be beneficial?

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