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Best Ways to Develop Your Child’s Logical Thinking

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Logical thinking is one of the most important skills that your kids should have now and for their future. Learning coding brings different benefits for the child and one of them is teaching them how to think logically and critically, but there are also some other things that you could do as a parent in order to foster your child’s logical thinking. Kids should be able to make sense of the information they receive, analyze it, think about solutions, and make assumptions and that’s the reason why they should first learn to think logically.

What is Logical Thinking?

Before helping your kids to think logically, you should first understand and help them know what logical thinking is. Logical thinking is the act of analyzing a situation and coming up with a sensible solution. In order to solve a problem, you need to use your logical thinking and this happens by approaching the facts that you might have and your reasoning skills in order to be able to look at the problem in an objective way.

When it comes to your kids, it is important to develop their logical thinking because it will help them with solving different problems, taking the right decisions, coming up with creative ideas, and finally achieving their goals, which are all things which they will need when they grow up to be professional employees and entrepreneurs.

How to Develop Your Child’s Logical Thinking?

When the child reaches the age 3, his/her thinking starts to grow more logical and creative and they become more able to understand you and make sense of what you are saying. That’s why it is important to start working on your child’s logical thinking and choose the activities or the ways that would help to develop it.

There are different things that could help in developing any child’s logical thinking, such as:

  • Asking them “why” questions

  • Asking such open-ended questions will always give the child the chance to think in order to come up with an answer, and these questions could be as simple as asking them “why do they think people love the beach during summer days?” Any answer your child will give will show how far he/she managed to get in order to provide it, and how far his/her imagination reached.

    If on the other hand, your child managed to ask you a specific question, try not to answer right away, but instead ask them about their opinion before giving them the answer to their question. This way you will be able to see your child’s opinion about the matter and how they see it from their own point of view.

  • Play games that encourage strategy

  • Choosing the game will always depend on your child’s age, but we can mention some examples here which could help you give your child the chance to think logically. Some board games could do the trick, such as crosswords for example, which will give kids the chance to think, and this is what we need in the first place; to give them the chance to think in order to come up with an answer.

    It is acceptable to give your child the chance to try and even make mistakes before helping them with the answer or getting a bit closer to it, this way you will at least give them the chance to think for a while before giving them the question and the answer as easy as it could get.

  • Let them socialize with people

  • To socialize with other people means to make new friends, and this is definitely something that your child needs to do in order to become more of a logical thinker. Dealing with more people means coming in contact with different mindsets and at the same time facing different situations which they will need to solve, and this will give their minds the chance to work and come up with ideas and solutions.

    This way of thinking is called “logical thinking” because at this point, kids will look at the facts they have, the tools they might use, and then eventually reach the final solution. Thinking together with other people will also give your child the chance to broaden their perspective and build conclusions based on someone else’s ideas and so on.

  • Teach them coding

  • Teaching kids as young as three years old to code is something that almost all schools are doing at the moment because this is a skill that they will need in the future due to the technological changes that are happening around them in the world, so they should be always prepared. When parents hear the word coding, they always think about the complicated codes written by professionals and thus they don’t believe that their young kids could do it. Coding could be taught through playing games, such as the missions that RoboGarden offer, which come in both block and text forms, giving kids the chance to learn through playing, making it all easier for them to understand.

    There are different benefits that coding brings along when it comes to the skills of the kids, such as enhancing their critical thinking skills, their mathematical skills, their logical skills, their problem solving skills, and much more.

  • Go on a treasure hunt with them

  • When you are trying to teach your child something, you will always succeed when you do that through games, that’s why going on a treasure hunt with your young one will always help in developing their logical thinking. It doesn’t have to be something outside, but you could create it all inside your home and let your kids follow the instructions and solve different clues.

    When the kids try to solve a clue, they will be at the same time developing their logical thinking and problem solving skills because they will be trying to understand the clues or the riddles which you have placed for them, and this will depend on their age; younger kids might better see visual clues, and older ones might be good at solving riddles.

There are different skills that your child need to develop from any early age, such as logical and critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and more, and it is important for you as a parent to know how you could help with fostering such skills, whether by taking them to the right places to learn new things or else by doing different activities and playing different games that would serve you with the same purpose.

You could check RoboGarden’s game-based platform and teach your kids coding, which will in turn develop all these different skills in them from an early age. Check our different plans here.

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