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Benefits of learning visual programming


Visual programming can serve you well as you learn how to program. It can help you with your own startup or in prototyping your application prior to asking your team to start development.

Visual programming has come a long way from just being an instructional tool. Now, it lets you go all the way from drawing out the flow of your program to implementing it fully.

Pros and cons

There are many pros and cons to visual programming, but the cons have become fewer over time. Eventually, they may disappear entirely. Programming typically has the hassle of syntax errors and semantic errors.

Syntax errors occur when the commands in the code are written incorrectly or incompletely. Those are a thing of the past with visual programming since you use drag-and-drop blocks of code that are connected to each other in a sequential order.

Semantic errors occur when illogical statements or illogical blocks of code are used. These are more difficult to eliminate, but as you learn the code behind each code block you will find that you combine illogical lines of code together less often. Everything is wrapped up and organized now.

Visual programming in development

Visual programming has decreased the development lifecycle. Now, it is easy to convert a flowchart of program necessities into a similar chart using visual code blocks. The chart then compiles sequentially.

Smooth transition

You can always start textual programming right after you start visual programming. You will learn how to replace each block with the corresponding lines of code.

There are many tools and resources to help you replace a code block with the equivalent code in many languages. For example, RoboGarden can help you transition from Blockly, the most famous visual programming language, to Python and JavaScript by providing the equivalent code for both. You can choose whichever language suits you.

The easy way or the hard way?

You can choose whether you want to start programming the easy way or the hard way. If you choose the easy way, visual programming is what you want. It may take time for you to master it and transition to textual programming, but visual programming can help you develop your first app faster.

The hard way is to start with a textual language from the beginning. It will take more time to become acquainted with the syntax and to tighten your grip on the various concepts, so your first app may come a bit later. Either way, it’s impossible to deny the benefits of visual programming. It has added enormous value to the programming and coders community.

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