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An hour a day is enough to learn programming

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It’s not easy learning a new activity in a short amount of time but dedicating time to a new skill is necessary for its acquisition. Especially if that skill is programming, which can take you many places. If you only have an hour a day to spend on a new skill, you should invest it wisely.

How can you use an hour a day to learn to program?

30 minutes of typing practice

If you type less than 80 words a minute, a great way to increase your words per minute count is by practicing for half an hour. Typefu is an app which teaches you to type faster. By spending 30 minutes a day on this app, you can develop your typing skills which will give you the motivation and power to put your newfound time to better use.

Two minutes on the text editor

The main point of programming is not to manipulate scripts but to learn efficient ways to deal with orders. Therefore, two minutes a day of practice on a text editor will transform your programming abilities.

On the first day, make a list of features and abbreviations you can understand and write. Note that it is normal to find many unconscious things you don’t know yet and that you only have so much time. Start with simple and easy things such as the transition from the beginning of a document to another document and moving between words and syllables.

Programmers use computer features intelligently so you will need to learn them well. Replace actions? that use the mouse with shortcuts that search for features of the editor easily. The mouse can often delay you while writing code and this will radically save you time and mobility.

The remaining 28 minutes

Spend the rest of the hour on implementation of programming exercises. In the beginning, you may find that you need more than an hour but after daily practice typing, with the text editor, and learning to program, you will be able to think-through, solve, and write a problem in less than 20 minutes.

The best way to accomplish programming skill-building is by first dedicating an hour to code. With RoboGraden’s Hour of Code, you can easily introduce programming practice into your day. All you have to do is try our current programs, pick one, and dedicate an hour. RoboGarden has options at every age and skill-level, from kindergarten and up. Believing in the importance of programming and its positive effects on youth development, RoboGarden responded to Obama’s Hour of Code campaign. Hour of Code activities are available year-round and your class can join millions of students around the world celebrating Computer Science Education Week with the Hour of Code.

The goal of Hour of Code is not to teach you how to become an expert in computer science in an hour but is meant to serve as an enjoyable introduction to computer science at any age. With Hour of Code, not only do students benefit from an hour of programming practice, but teachers too can gain the confidence to understand and teach computer science. With activities based on Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) curriculums translated into a game-based method, RoboGarden can help you learn and teach the best. Start by reading our how-to-guide [A1] and register[A2] now for free.

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