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6 jobs are available for every programmer


Can any programmer work any job? Which jobs are available for programmers? Those are popular question every computer science student wants to have answered. If you are a programmer, you should be happy for you are lucky. You can work in many diverse fields. If, you don’t know anything about a coding curriculum, don't worry! RoboGarden is here to make sure that everyone can code and to teach kids to code.

In this article we will help you learn more about coding and some of the jobs it can lead to. This could help you figure out your child's future job, or even yours!

  • Programmer:
  • A programmer’s first concern is to write code that is free of mistakes. Clean, detailed code is more important than thinking about the overall end product with which the code will be integrated. Attention to mathematics is essential, but communication skills with the team or communication with the user is optional. He spends most of his free time creating models of endless applications, writing algorithms and experimenting, dreaming of learning all programming languages like Python and JavaScript, writing shorter codes to solve any ambiguous problem.

  • Tech sales:
  • The promotion and marketing of technology products requires special sellers who know the secrets of the program or device they want to sell. This is a very profitable field because the technical vendor is the first person who generates money for the company. It is also a difficult field since you need communication and persuasion skills in addition to technical skills successful at this job.

  • E-marketing:
  • Marketing is different from sales in that the goal of marketing is promotion. There is no direct money gain from marketing as there is in sales. Customer satisfaction is less profitable than a technical sale, but it is still important since word of mouth is a powerful selling tactic.

    An e-marketing job requires technical and communication skills. These are applied to many types of advertising, including social marketing via social networks, email campaigns, and online advertising.

  • Technical support:
  • Technical support specialists handle maintenance of both hardware and software. They can also work as technical support over the phone or remotely.

  • Research:
  • The primary aim of the field of computer science research is to graduate students who appreciate research and who are capable of developing algorithms. Most undergraduate students do not pursue this field due to the poor possibility of profit. A postgraduate degree in this field can be appealing to some students, however.

  • Software developer:
  • To become a software developer, you must first spend time as a programmer. You could be a web, desktop, or mobile developer. Regardless, you must have plenty of experience in programming. When you find that writing code is not enough and that you wish to analyze and design the logic that must come before code is written, then a software developer job will be the perfect fit.

    Software developers manage the software at a more practical level than the programming level. They must define and the product and its specifications, feasibility, cost, returns, and design.

Remember: Programming is a craft, not something that can be engineered. Working in programming requires a certain mindset that must begin being developed by a certain age. Programmers often go on to administrative work in software development. Start teaching your kids to code now with RoboGarden.

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