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5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids Coding

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Recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole world turned to homes and online; people are working from home and kids are learning from the comfort of their own places. Even though this might have been stressful for some people, it turned out educational for others. According to Times Now News, Google has released its customary list with the most searched things by people during 2020 and it turned out that coding for kids came on top of the list. Coding is definitely beneficial for kids in the 21st century and after, here’s why.

Why Teach Kids to Code?

Problem solving and good communication skills are always attached to coding; kids could actually learn them while they are learning to code, or they could actually make coding easier if they are skills that kids already have. Coding means facing debugging problems which the person should think about how to solve and sometimes this might get further to asking other people for help, and that’s exactly why these two different personal skills are from the top ones that always come related to coding.

There are different reasons why coding is important for kids, and this is definitely the reason why parents have been searching for different ways to teach their kids how to code throughout this year. In addition to the personal skills that kids might be gaining from their journey with coding, there are also those other benefits that coding helps with, such as the academic performance for example, as well as paving the way for the future.

  1. Coding Helps Your Kids with their Mathematical Skills

  2. A lot of kids, especially at young age, don’t like math or find it difficult and that’s the reason why teachers always prefer to play games that will teach them to count or do any other mathematical operation. So, in order to make math more fun and creative for the kids, schools and teachers decided to depend on coding in order to help kids visualize abstract concepts and apply math to real-world situations, and thus making the whole process of learning math a lot easier for the child.

  3. Coding Helps Kids Better Understand the World Around them

  4. There are lots of different technologies that kids are now using on a daily basis which they might not know how they came out to life, such as computers and video games. To help kids know more about smartphones, laptops, social media, and video games, programming could do the trick when kids come to learn how to create these apps and games, and thus help them interact more with them and open their eyes to the different possibilities of coding available.

  5. Coding Improves the Kid’s Creativity

  6. Coding is known to make kids more creative, because through writing different codes down, they could actually come up with creative ideas. They always say that people learn new languages in order to be able to deliver their ideas to new people, and that’s exactly the same with coding, it’s a language that people depend on in order to deal with computers and give them orders, these orders eventually turn into new created apps, video games, or websites, only showing the creative part of the child’s mind.

  7. Coding Helps Kids with Organizing their Thoughts

  8. The interesting thing about coding when it comes to kids is the fact that the benefits it brings are not just related to the world of technology, but it fosters different other skills which will make things easier for the kid later on. One of these benefits is helping kids with organizing their thoughts, which in turn is believed to have its effects on their academic performance, such as writing; they know how to organize and plan their thoughts and thus write them down neatly. The more kids come to practice coding and learn new things in it, the more progress their skills will witness, and that’s one of the reasons why coding is definitely important to teach to your kids, since it does not only teach them a new language, but has its positive effects on other aspects of their lives as well.

  9. Coding Makes Kids More Self-confident

  10. When kids come to learn the coding language and start to make movements or take actions with these codes, they will be facing some problems and bugs that they will need to come up with solutions for. Coming up with a solution will help kids realize that giving up will never take them to the next step or level, so they will be great problem solvers with creative thinking skills that will help them think of solutions, and eventually they will be self-confident because they didn’t give up; they thought about different solutions and tried them. Coding helps kids understand that they don’t have to worry about failing since they could keep trying until they settle on the right option and solution.

Actually, when you come to think about coding and the different benefits it might carry for kids, you will realize that they are all interrelated to one another; they have to think and come up with solutions, organize the thoughts they managed to have to write down their plans, solve the solutions, and eventually become creative with their creations. These are all skills that kids will manage to gain over time and definitely this includes the tiny details within that might be related to math, English, or science that could be part of the whole educational experience.

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