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2020 Plan to Learn Coding the Right Way

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New Year’s Eve 2020 is almost here and getting your plans ready regarding the skills that you want to enhance is a must. The only language known all over the world is the digital language and it is formulating the future, are you well aware of this language or not yet? Coding is the language of the future and it is what the digital world is all about. To learn coding, there are specific things to know about, so let’s build your 2020 plan that will help you enhance your coding skills.

Coding is the language that computers understand and translate through moves and actions, and that’s exactly what the future is asking for; for people who could speak to computers easily.

How to Learn Coding in 2020?

Screens are now our 24/7 friends, even kids are now learning on tablets in schools, and that’s one good reason why you should be qualified enough to deal with those computers in the future and build codes which they could use to translate the orders you are giving them. How should you start your coding journey in 2020? Here’s our helpful 2020 plan to learn coding and get ready to compete in the technological future that is going to take over soon.

  • Understand What Coding is
  • Start your year with understanding what coding is. You will never order a meal without knowing its ingredients, the same goes with every other thing you are going to learn in life. If you want to learn coding, you should understand what it is and why you are learning it. Ask yourself, what is coding? Come up with a logical answer and start asking yourself whether this answer will be helpful to your life or else not.

    Coding has always been linked to computers, but recently it has been related to every other thing in this modern world we are living. Every device you own has a little bit of coding and this brings us to one important conclusion, which is the future of jobs. Jobs in the future will demand those with coding skills and this demand will keep increasing, this might be one enough reason to encourage you to start your coding journey in 2020.

  • Know Why Coding is Important
  • Through the year, you will get to know why coding is important to you on so many different levels. Now you know what coding is and its time to know why it is important for you . Since we are talking about 2020 plans, we are talking about the future and its demands, and coding is definitely one of these demands. Coding is known as the language of the future; it is believed that people will need to master this skill just in the same way they master reading and writing; it might be even an obligatory subject taught in schools.

    Coding is not just for dealing with computers and technology, but it also helps in fostering different skills that the person might need, such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, creativity, and even manages to help in building team building skills. Coding could help with different things in different ways and through different levels, that’s why learning to code is definitely a plus skill that you need.

    Talking about 2020 and the future, we have to say that coding will help you when it comes to your career life; you will be self-sufficient and thus might solve technical problems all on your own, you will be more valued by your employer with those extra skills you have even though they might not be needed in your current position, and it could even open a new career path for you!

  • Understand the World of Computers
  • We are about to enter 2020 and computers are already taking over, so what will happen in the future? How will you learn basic coding for a computer when you don’t even know how the computer itself performs? Knowing how the computer functions is beneficial, this is not about turning the computer on and shutting it down, but it is about understanding how it receives an order and how it manages to translate codes into actions. In addition to the functions of the computer, it is also important to know how the computers communicate with one another in various types of networks.

World of Computers

  • Learn the Different Languages of Coding
  • In order to keep up with the plan of this year, it is important to learn the different languages of coding first. There are different languages for coding out there and in order to learn how to code, it is first important to get introduced to these languages first. C, C++, Python, and Java are different programming languagess that people start with when they begin to learn coding, Python might be considered the simplest but it is not the one that people start with all the times.

    You can start to learn coding through knowing more about the basics; syntax, data types, variables, loop, arrays, etc. Choosing the language to start with will always depend on your interests and goals, some people might be more interested in front end, others might be interested in back end, mobile app development, computer development, etc.

    Choosing the coding language that you are going to learn will depend on your needs for one main reason; different types of programming require different skills. For example, if you want to code a website, you should learn HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript, but if you want to code a game then you should learn Java or Swift, etc.

  • Choose the Right Ways to Learn Coding
  • Make this plan work wonder by choosing the right resources for your coding education. To learn how to code is one thing, but to choose the resources that will help you do that is another. There are different ways that people could learn to code through, online courses, videos, and through textbooks. These are the most famous platforms through which people receive their information and the ones which they automatically head for when they want to learn something.

    Start with textbooks because they will help any beginner to get all the needed information regarding syntax and conventions of the language and also gives you the chance to look up anything you are unsure of. Online courses are then helpful because they will give you the chance to learn coding in a fun and engaging way and even allow you to try writing the codes directly in the browser as you learn. Depending totally on videos might not be helpful to a great extent because videos come alongside with online courses or textbooks, they are helpful because they usually show you what you are supposed to do step-by-step.

  • Play Different Coding Games
  • End 2020 coding plan successfully by playing coding games to implement what you have already learned. This is not just for kids, but parents could also learn faster and easier through games. Teachers and parents always try to teach kids through games, different types of them, and they turn out to be the most successful. This is exactly the same when it comes to adults, sometimes games help them learn faster and even remember the info they received for a longer period of time.

    Try to play some coding games, because these will help you revise difficult concepts which you might have learned before through a textbook or course and remember them longer. Even though coding games are usually directed to kids, they also proved to be successful with adults as well.

Coding is not difficult, but it is not the easiest thing to learn as well, it comes as a middle point and that’s why you should never expect to dive directly into coding your app or program once you start, it will take months to be able to do so and not just hours or weeks. To learn how to code is not just about the actual learning process, but it is also about what to focus on while starting.

2020 is the start of the technological world that will take over, so this is not just a plan for the year coming, but one to build on for the upcoming years since it is believed that in 2030 robots and machines will take over a lot of the human vacancies available. Get yourself ready for the digital era, set your 2020 plan, and get ready to learn coding the right way.

Remember, hard work pays off after a time, so don’t expect to become a real programmer overnight, just keep practicing this year, 2020, and watch your efforts coming to action later.

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