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The Latest Trends in Coding, Technology, and Education

A variety of blog posts presesnted by the RoboGarden Blog to keep you up to date with the EdTech advances and trends.

RoboGarden Coding & Robotics...


Building robots may seem like a technically challenging task, but educational kits have made it a surprisingly easy activity for...

RoboGarden events
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Coder girls


Canada’s history includes countless independent women who are leaders in their fields. Women have been masters of all fields...

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Python Intermediate Series:...


Python is one of the most widely-used programming languages today since it is an object-oriented language with a variety of...

Python Series
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Robots in Industry


Many companies embrace advanced machines to accelerate the digital transformation of their operations. Their main concern is...

Top programming languages
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JavaScript for Beginners:...


Data structures are data containers used to store, manipulate, and ease access to stored data in different programming languages....

JavaScript Series
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RoboGarden school module:...


As we continue our series about the RoboGarden school module, we will introduce, the last step in the school module, the Teacher...

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