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The Latest Trends in Coding, Technology, and Education

A variety of blog posts presesnted by the RoboGarden Blog to keep you up to date with the EdTech advances and trends.

Coding for Money


Getting into the world of programming is easy and a good way to make money. Professional programming is a fast way to build...

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Explore the world of...


There’s no better way to inspire children and introduce them to key programming concepts than to have them learn while playing....

Robogarden programs
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Why Python is the best...


No one will argue that programming takes center stage our lives. Many applications may make us wonder how they were made or the...

Introduction to Python
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Programming for Beginners


Programming is a unique world of creativity that begins with a simple idea and then adds more ideas, or features, as the program...

Top programming languages
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RoboGarden celebrates 2018...


Happy new year and Merry Christmas! A year full of challenges, events, and hard work has passed, so thanks to all of RoboGarden's...

Learn to earn
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Gamification of learning


Gamification of learning is a trend that can be seen everywhere in today’s world. Schools, universities, and online learning...

Learn to earn
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