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The Latest Trends in Coding, Technology, and Education

A variety of blog posts presesnted by the RoboGarden Blog to keep you up to date with the EdTech advances and trends.

Play more to learn more with...


Playing is more enjoyable than learning for kids and adults alike. Traditional teaching methods will never be as effective as...

Robogarden programs
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What is the purpose of python...


Building with developers in mind Each programming language is built with a specific purpose in mind. For example, Kotlin was...

Top programming languages
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RoboGarden’s Plans and...


No one can argue that RoboGarden provides a complete set of benefits to youngsters and beginner programmers through customized...

Importance of coding education
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Programming Languages


Most large websites make use of more than one programming language in their backends. Programmers use many languages to build...

Top programming languages
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No more suffering for junior...


Many people are willing to learn to code, but they have concerns about the process. One such concern is the difficulty of...

Importance of coding education
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The Purpose of JavaScript


JavaScript was built for an important purpose: computers were once very slow in executing web developers’ visions for. This...

Introduction to JavaScript
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